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How do You Solve the Problem that no Space to Install Compressor on Refrigerated Cargo Van?

Aug 10, 2016
As for most of the small vans, there are big problems that trouble the most cargo van owners--- no space to install refrigerated units compressors.

So how do you solve the problem that no space to install reefer units compressor on your cargo vans?

Here we have a solution for your choice: 

Look at the following picture; it is a picture of electric van fridge unit installation on cargo van.

electric van refrigeration unit for cargo van
PHOTO: electric van refrigeration unit for cargo van installation on the van 

Yes, you can see the illusion that the compressor is installed in the internal electric van refrigeration units condenser. So you don’t need to think another space to install the compressors compared with the traditional engine driven reefer units.

Besides that, the electric cargo van refrigeration unit is very easy to install because of its integrated structure compared with the engine driven van refrigeration units.

Tips: Guchen Industry can supply the 12V or 24V electric refrigeration unit for cargo van. With converter system, you can connect the electric van refrigeration units to Transformer (AC Power Switch), which can transform the AC main power to DC12V/DC24V; besides that, it can be plugged into the 240V/380V main power supply.
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