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Why So Many Customers Choose Guchen PD Series Bus Air Conditioners?

Nov 22, 2016
Guchen Industry as bus air conditioner manufacturers having big factory for marketing demands. As for our PD series bus air conditioners, it is very popular with moist, wet and rainy areas.  Let’s see why!

Guchen PD series bus air conditioners application on minibus
Photo:Guchen PD series bus air conditioners application on minibus


1. Suitable for moist, wet and rainy areas with good corrosion resistance performance.

Guchen PD series bus air conditioners are suitable for the moist place, such as nearby the seashore or rainy place. That is because Guchen PD series bus air conditioners outside shell is made up of corrosion resistance technology, which can be running under the condition of moist, wet and rainy for long term.

2. Increasing heat exchange by 30%.

PD series’ evaporator coil uses inner ridges copper tube, wave-shaped hydrophilic aluminum fins design, increased the heat exchange by 30%;
PD series’ condenser coil uses micro-channel heat exchanger technology, sufficiently improved the heat exchanging efficiency and reduced the weight.

3. Adopt famous high quality compressors (Bock and Valeo TM Series)

As for the spare parts, Guchen Industry is also the dealer of Bock and Valeo TM Series compressors, so Guchen bus air conditioner parts use these famous high quality brands, which improve our bus air conditioners’ quality much a lot.

4. Equip with TM21, TM31, TM43 compressors according to different demands

According to different areas, our PD series can equip with TM21, TM31, TM43 compressors for 6-18 m bus. Usually, Guchen bus air conditioners with TM 21 compressors are popular with our tropical zone, with TM 31 are popular with Middle East and TM 42 are popular with Russia..

5. Enough bus air conditioners stock in factory to meet big quantity marketing demands.

Guchen Industry as a bus air conditioning company in China has the advantages of big factory, much labors and enough stock to meet big quantity marketing demands. With these manufacturing advantages, we can also offer our customers a reasonable prices compared with the same level sellers.

So why not you contact us and let us help you in bus HVAC solutions?
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