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Fresh Air Setting in Bus Air Conditioner, Its Function and Benefits

Aug 13, 2020
The health of our customers is a top priority to Guchen industry when we design our bus HVAC systems in the age of coronavirus. We offer recommendations and measures about climate control to protect passengers and drivers from coronavirus infections. In the article, we will describe the fresh-air setting in both traditional bus and pure electric bus HVAC, its benefits, and how does the fresh-air mode protect passengers from getting infected. After reading the post, all bus manufacturers or bus AC buyers will get a better understanding on the importance of equipping the fresh-air system in your bus air conditioning unit.

Fresh Air Device

The main part of fresh air device is Fresh Air Damper. It is a fixed fresh-air flow control damper for air outlets. All Guchen’s bus air conditioners provide both cooling and heating for the bus driver and passengers, with 100% fresh air providing. There are many types of air dampers available in bus AC system. For example, Guchen SD Series air conditioning units are equipped with XF-6 fresh air damper. Our BD series systems are with XF-1.
Material: ABS body case, aluminum-plastic fan
Application: applied to bus HVAC
Installation: the fresh air device is installed inside the evaporator.
fresh air damper in Guchen bus HVAC

Usage: the fresh air device is used for the air cycle in bus compartment. It controls the outer air circulation in a bus.
◆ It improves the interior air quality, providing a more healthy environment for both passengers and bus driver.
◆ Fresh air volume can be larger than 1000 m³/h
◆ It has no influence on the cooling effect to turn on the fresh air system.
◆ The fresh air dampers are with adjustable vanes to control air flow
◆ Easy operation: it can be controlled by the bus aircon climate control panel to turn on or off the fresh air device.
Climate Controller of Guchen Bus AC system
Guchen air conditioners are also with sterilization system

All Bus Air-Conditioning Systems Should be Adjusted to Allow Fresh Air to Flow into the Bus

Infectious disease can spread by the transmission through air. The city bus is a crowed and enclosed space where the number of pathogens can increase considerably. The most frequently asked questions are whether the spread of the disease can be controlled by the HVAC system. This really depends on:
1) How the AC system is designed?
In the current circumstances, improving ventilation on public transport vehicles is most important. The best action to limit risk of COVID-19 infection by air is to allow intake of fresh air as much as possible on buses. The HVAC system designed with mechanical ventilation system (fresh air system) can perform this function more effectively than simply opening the windows.

2) How does the bus driver operate the system?
For the purpose of diluting pollutants, adequacy supply of outdoor air therefore reduces the risk of infection. The bus driver can control bus air flow by turning on the “Fresh Air” system, and using air blowers, to maximize the circulation of fresh air from outside the bus facilities, therefore reducing COVID-19 transmission risks.

Top Picks of a Bus AC Unit with Fresh Air Setting

We all know that regular ventilation is certainly a worthwhile measure inside the bus facilities. Increasing the amount of fresh air in air-conditioned public transport facilities can
◆ improves interior climate conditions
◆ reduces airborne transmission
◆ minimize health risk to bus operators and passengers
If the aircon system in the bus facilities is without fresh air function, or lack of sterilization system, bacteria and virus particles can spread throughout the compartment. The open of fresh air system in a bus is good practise to be followed for the achievement of better air quality.

For more coronovirus recommendations, please click to read the previous post “ disinfection of bus HVAC system”. There you will find video on epidemic prevention tips.
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