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SD series Bus Air Conditioner System

  • Model: • City Bus HVAC
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Refrigerant: • R134a
  • Installation : • rooftop mounted
  • Application : • 6-18 m bus, city bus, BRT bus, Hybrid bus, CNG or LNG bus, coach

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SD Series Bus Air Conditioning Introduction

Guchen SD series bus air conditioners are designed for 8-13m length buses, cooling capacity is from 25KW to 37KW. This ac units are rooftop mounted and integrated, compressor is powered by vehicle engine, and the control system is powered by vehicle alternator.

Customers can choose the different BD series models ac units for their bus to meet different demands, such as for:

▲ Inner city public transportation   
▲ School public transportation
▲ Tourist transportation

The most important features of SD series bus ac units are that it adopts double return air system, its condenser is located in the middle, both sides are two evaporators, more shorter length, therefore, SD series city bus air conditioning condenser coil have a big dip arranged (Large Angle Arranged), make the capacity of the ventilation, cooling and heating become stronger, effectively reducing R134a refrigerant filling.

So this rooftop mounted bus air conditioner system has the advantages of condenser and evaporator integrated design, compact structure, small size, less weight, take up less space of the roof and easy to install. Therefore it is more popular with the Hybrid bus, CNG or LNG bus, where the roof-top already have a Gas bag, use SD series bus air conditioning can help save installation space.

Choose the Right SD Series Bus Air Conditioner Model  

Guchen SD-03 04 05 bus air conditioner

SD-03 Bus Air Conditioning System Apply for 7-9M Bus 

Cooling capacity: 22000Kcal/h, 25.6KW, 87000BTU
Number of Evaporator Blowers: 4

Guchen SD-03 04 05 bus air conditioner
SD-04 Bus Air Conditioning System Apply for 8-9.5M Bus

Cooling capacity: 24000Kcal/h, 27.9KW, 95000BTU
Number of Evaporator Blowers: 4

Guchen SD-03 04 05 bus air conditioner SD-05 Bus Air Conditioning System Apply for 9-11.5M Bus

Cooling capacity: 28000Kcal/h, 32.6KW, 111000BTU
Number of Evaporator Blowers: 6

Guchen SD-03 04 05 bus air conditioner

SD-06 Bus Air Conditioning System Apply for 10-13M Bus

Cooling capacity: 32000Kcal/h, 37.2KW, 127000BTU
Number of Evaporator Blowers: 8

SD Series Bus Air Conditioning Features

1. Adopts double return air system, improve cooling effect, save the installation space, suitable for hybrid bus, CNG or LNG bus.
2. SMC housing with good heating insulation and anti-aging properties.
3. Independent parallel control mode to ensure reliability and durability.
4. Copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins optimize the cooling performance
5. Space saving, low power consumption and superiority in cost-effectiveness.
6. Spal super quiet fans, low noise and long service life.
7. Integrated design, condenser and evaporator are designed in one body, no split.
8. Lighter weight than ordinary split bus air-conditioning reduced by 15%, save fuel cost.
9. Optimized roof top mounted bus air conditioning, installation more convenient, due to integrated design, compact size, and wider air ducts design, do not need to connect the evaporator and condenser pipelines, easy to lay out on the roof, make hoisting and installing bus air conditioning becomes so simple
10. The control system uses intelligent CNC technology, multiple operating modes, fault code composite display, multi-parameter query, stable performance, easy operation.

bus air conditioner inner side materials
PHOTO: Guchen SD bus air conditioner inner side materials

SD Series Bus Air Conditioning Structure Features

★ All bus air conditioning parts and materials all using well-known brands, ensuring better stability and quality assurance.
★ Use φ7mm inner-thread copper tube with aluminum fins, condenser big dip arranged, small ventilation / airflow resistance, higher heat exchanging rate, achieve a higher efficiency and a lower fuel consumption.
★ Adopting aero aluminum alloy, combined by a robot welding, maximize the accuracy and consistency of bus air conditioning quality
★ Patented streamline low air resistance techniques to enhance the appearance.
★ High tensile D-LFT molding shell with excellent anti-corrosion and climate proof ability.

Customer Installation and Reviews

This video is about Guchen SD-04 bus air conditioner, you can see it has 3 fans, and inner side, it adopts inner-thread copper tube with aluminum fins, which can improve the heat exchange by 30%. So the cooling effect will be improved a lot!

-----------Video on Guchen SD-04 Bus Air Conditioner

Guchen SD-06 bus air conditioner on 12 m bus

“Guchen is the best bus air conditioning supplier in China, warm reception, professional HVAC technology, and high quality production! Besides that, this ac unit really takes small installation space, and SD-06 is very suitable for our 12 meter city buses with very big cooling capacity. I ordered 3 sets of SD series bus air conditioners, very great products!” You can see, the SD series bus air conditioners are very small in size comared with other models, so it is very pupular with our customers!

------------------- From Guchen Egypt Client Feedbacks

Why Choose Guchen?


◆ GUCHEN is specialized in exporting Bus Air Conditioner for more than 20 years.
◆ GUCHEN has famous bus air conditioner parts suppliers, such as Bock, Bitzer and Valeo, which can offer customers’ a high quality products and assurance.
◆ 2 years after sales service
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Technical Parameter of SD Series Bus Air Conditioning System













Cooling Capacity(kcal/h)






Evaporator air flow(m³/h)






Number of evaporator blowers






Fresh air flow(m³/h)












Max ambient temperature()







Bitzer F400

Bock 560K

Bock 560K

Bock 655K

Bock 980K

Compressor displacement(cc)






◆ Compressor as optional like Valeo, Bitzer or Bock
◆ The fan and blower as option like brush or brushless, local or Spal etc.
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