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Guchen Offers Highest Quality & Reliable HVAC Solutions for Zero Emission Buses

Sep 07, 2022
Bus is the most convenient and economic transportation tool for daily use. Considering the development of electromobility and its effects on the environment, the city bus industry is looking forward to solving the problem of air pollution by developing eco-friendly buses.
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The Global Demand for Environment Friendly Zero Emission Electric Bus is Increasing Day by Day

Zero emission bus is the future of the global bus industry.
With ever-increasing urbanization and traffic volume, more and more vehicles are added to city roads every day. In addition, a significant proportion of these old diesel buses still use leaded fuel which is a serious threat to people’s health and local environment. 
New energy buses can solve this problem effectively because they are powered by electricity instead of liquid fuels (diesel or gasoline), so they don't produce exhaust emissions at all while running. This makes them extremely attractive options not only environmentally but also economically speaking!
increasing demands on zero emission electric bus
Taking China for example, in China's booming economy, all eyes are on electric vehicles. Electric buses have gained rapid development and increase rate. Electric bus sales volume is increasing very rapidly from 0.6 times in 2003 to 5.44 times in 2015, the growth rate were 22.77% and 568.12% during the past 10 years respectively.

HVAC System in a Zero Emission Bus

The New energy bus HVAC unit is critical for the comfort and safety of passengers. It is also very important for the operator and maintenance staff. It plays a key role in determining whether or not an electric bus can be used as part of a public transportation fleet, or if it will need to be replaced due to mechanical problems that cannot be fixed with available parts.
The average lifespan of a bus air conditioner is about 15 years, so you don't want to skimp on quality when buying one for your electric bus! That is why Guchen Industry came up with an idea to start developing highest quality eco-friendly alternatives for conventional air conditioning systems used worldwide.


Guchen ED & ES Series Electric Bus AC (Zero Emission System)

Guchen ED-03 model with 14kw cooling capacity is customized to be functional, reliable and flexible in multiple applications. It is manufactured in a fully automated process to ensure highest quality control throughout the assembly line. ED-03 A/C unit is mainly for 6-7m electric bus applications, school buses, inter-city buses and coaches.
Guchen ED-03 new energy electric bus air conditioner

Guchen ED-03 Model
ES Series Electric Bus AC is a new generation of zero emission HVAC system developed by Guchen Industry, designed for 7m-12m new energy buses. The unique and innovative full DC design provides power efficiency while eliminating the need for air conditioning oil. The fully integrated solution features a high-performance, stepless speed control technology, smart CAN control, CAN bus communication to battery which extend battery lifecycles greatly.
guchen zero emission electric bus ac unit

Guchen ES-04 Model
The two series share the same basic structure, but they have different characteristics and application fields according to their product size, power consumption, cooling capacity and other parameters.
Guchen electric bus ACs have been in mass production since 2018, and more than 200 units have been sold for passenger transport models like urban buses or intercity buses. In addition to providing technical support for our customers' projects worldwide, we also provide OEM services with excellent quality products at competitive prices.

Guchen Industry can Provide OEM and Customization Zero Emission HVAC Solutions for New Energy Buses

Guchen new energy buses HVAC system is the best choice for OEMs. Guchen's experience of providing high efficiency and reliable HVAC solutions for battery electric, fuel cell and hybrid buses make our company your reliable partner in R&D, production and after-sale service.
Guchen air conditioner integrates all components of air conditioning systems into one unit to achieve high performance with less noise pollution as well as small installation volume.
Guchen zero emission bus ac systems


Guchen Industry has been working on improving the energy efficiency of electromotive vehicles since its establishment in 1998. With excellent R&D capabilities and innovative technologies developed over the years, we have achieved many breakthroughs in this field such as cooling coefficient improvement technology and new material development technology which make our products more efficient than those from other companies.
◆ We have the knowledge and experience to help you keep your bus cool.
◆ We provide fully installed, reliable HVAC systems for all types of electric buses.
Guchen's reliable HVAC solutions for electric buses offer the necessary needs for your on-board passengers. Contact us today to learn more.
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