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Guchen Air Conditioner, Keeping Pace with the Development of Battery-Electric Buses

Oct 21, 2021
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"Feel Your Drive" is the slogan of Guchen Industry, and it is also our business development strategy. Over the past 18 years, Guchen has always adhered to the business goal of "creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly mobile space for the world". With the R&D and manufacturing of vehicle air conditioning system as its core, Guchen Industry is committed to build itself into the world leading service-oriented manufacturer in the global HVAC/R field.
Guchen Group has three major product lines, "Guchen Bus Air Conditioner", "Guchen Thermo", and “Guchen EAC”, including traditional & electric bus air conditioners, van air conditioner, truck refrigeration systems, van refrigeration units, electric air conditioning compressors, electromagnetic clutches, condenser fans, evaporator fans and so on. The wide range of product lines fully demonstrates Guchen's technical achievements in the research, development and manufacturing of automotive HVAC/R equipment.
guchen bus ac products

 Pioneer in the New Energy Bus Air-conditioning Industry

The development of new energy vehicles will drive the upgrading of the automotive industry. To meet the development needs of new energy bus industry at home and abroad, Guchen Industry has started the research on all electric bus air conditioning systems since 2005, and successively launched DD Series sub engine bus air conditioner, ED Model and ES Model electric bus HVAC system.
The ED and ES series are specially developed for new energy buses. The system utilizes PTC heater for compartment heating in cold winter days, which has super high cooling and heating efficiency. The benefits of Guchen electric bus ac systems include low power consumption and high energy efficiency ratio (EER). The electric scroll compressor installed in Guchen unit adopts the most advanced inverter technology with soft starting and intelligent control, to a great extend, minimizing the impact of HVAC system starts on the battery power. Guchen electric bus AC unit is equipped with a frequency inverter intelligent control system which can automatically adjust your optimal BTU according to bus load changes, to ensure the lowest power consumption.

electric bus air conditioners
Guchen ES series electric bus AC units can achieve continuous refrigeration output to ensure that the system is operating at the best efficiency and performance. At the same time, it eliminates the fluctuation of cooling capacity of traditional bus air conditioners, greatly enhancing passengers’ experience.
ES model has always had a high market share in global market in the 12 years since it launched. It matches with dozens of electric bus manufacturer in China, and has been widely used in more than 30 overseas markets. Great Success!



Offering Best Product Solutions

Guchen Industry has combined electronic information technology, intelligent control technology and bus air-conditioning technology together since 2005. Significant progress has been made in many special research fields such as components reliability in the system, integrated design of electric bus air-conditioning system and its key spare parts, electromagnetic safety technology, and key technology for control logic and efficiency optimization. 
Based on years of endeavor, we have successfully developed the efficient, environmental-friendly and energy-saving electric bus air conditioning units. We take the lead in realizing the superior application of frequency conversion and controllable AC/DC integration technology in bus applications. Guchen air conditioners are excellent in energy saving, and its comprehensive performance is at the international leading level.
BD bus air conditioner
In addition to electric bus ac, Guchen traditional bus air conditioners have been widely used in global markets already. Roof-mounted BD bus AC unit are the most popular series of all Guchen’s traditional systems. It was introduced and developed in 2000, and sold in 2004, super stability and reliability. BD model adopts aluminum alloy shell with ultra-thin streamline design. It has low air resistance, which can effectively reduce vehicle fuel consumption. BD series bus air conditioners were upgraded and greatly improved in 2008. Its cooling capacity, EER, and Refrigerant charge volume have all got a breakthrough improvement.
At present, Guchen coach air conditioners have made significant achievements in product systematic expansion. The product lines can meet the needs of 6-25 meters large, medium and light vehicles such as coach, bus, city bus, school bus and new energy buses etc.
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