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  • LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner
  • LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner
  • LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner

LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner

  • Model: • Coach HVAC
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Refrigerant: • R134a
  • Installation : • rooftop mounted
  • Application : • 6-18 m bus, city bus, BRT bus, Hybrid bus, CNG or LNG bus, coach

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LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner Video

 Bus air-conditioning LFD coach Series
Bus air-conditioning LFD coach Series

Rooftop mounted LFD series air condition are designed for coaches, which the configuration is precise and high efficiency. LFD coach air conditioning units adopts aluminum extrusions base & housing structure design, lightweight, is very suitable for luxury tourist buses, luxury sightseeing buses / coaches.


User Benefits Superiority of LFD Series Coach Air Conditioner

● Overall weight reduced by 15% compared with ordinary air conditioning, thank to the LFD coach air conditioning housing / shell adopting Eco-friendly, high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy profile frame structure.

● Evaporator housing use aero aluminum material, high tensile strength to ensure air conditioner reliable and durable

● Lower noise: using industry-leading environmental noise reduction technology, the noise level reduced more than 2dB(A) compared with ordinary bus air conditioner

● Fully optimized cooling performance, copper tube ( internal threaded ) and hydrophilic aluminum fins heat exchanger, high cooling capacity, adapt to various bus climate.

● Provide you a comfortable environment faster: due to this rooftop bus ac unit use optimized air outlet layout, the temperature and wind speed distributed in the passenger compartment is uniform.

● Safety and Reliability: comprehensive protection devices including pressure, temperature, under-voltage, over-voltage, to ensure product safety and reliability.

● Simple operation and easy to use, convenient for users, Manual / Automatic control mode to choose.

● Rooftop mounted streamline design, using columns to optimize arrangement, enhanced appearance and less air resistance

● Use Ф7 copper tube, higher efficiency, less fuel consumption.


Choose The Right LFD Model Coach Air Conditioner For Your Bus / Coach Business

LFD Series roof mounted bus air conditioner are designed for 8-18 meter city bus or coach, and the diversity configurations to meet different needs and superiority in cost-effectiveness, its compressor was driven by vehicle engine, and if you need compressor driven by battery power, please clicked All-electric bus air conditioning system.


LFD-03 Coach Air Conditioner  ──7-9 meter City Bus
LFD-04 Coach Air Conditioner  ──8-9.5 meter City Bus
LFD-05 Coach Air Conditioner  ──9-11.5 meter City Bus
LFD-06 Coach Air Conditioner  ──10-13 meter City Bus
LFD-07 Coach Air Conditioner  ──18 meter City Bus








Dimension (mm)






Cooling Capacity









Max ambient temperature 50℃   Adjustable temperature 15- 30

Compressor displacement






Evaporator air flow

4000 m3/h

4000 m3/h

6000 m3/h

7000 m3/h

7000 m3/h

Condenser blower Qty

3 pcs

3 pcs

4 pcs

5 pcs

5 pcs

Fresh air flow

1000 m3/h

1000 m3/h

1500 m3/h

1750 m3/h

1750 m3/h

For Coach

7-9 meter

8-9.5 meter

9-11.5 meter

10-13 meter

18 meter



* Compressor as optional like VALEO, BITZER OR BOCK

* The fan & blower as option like brush or brushless, local or Spal etc.

* The coil of condenser as option like micro-channel heat exchanger, copper tube and aluminum tube.

* Above data are subjected to be improved without prior informed.


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