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Recommendations for Using Refrigeration Units

Jan 27, 2015
Guchen industry is dedicated to producing high quality truck refrigeration unit, the following suggestions should be observed when using truck refrigeration units or van refrigeration units

If The Truck Refrigeration Units in a Very Cold Climate (≤ 35℃):
• Truck Refrigeration Units which operate in a very cold climate require high quality lubricating oil meeting to the refrigeration units manufacturer’s specification, low temperature diesel, a diesel fuel heater and low temperature-resistant anti-freezing fluid.
• For temperature control, the refrigeration units should not be allowed to shut down automatically with the diesel engine.

Using Refrigeration Units for Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
• When the transporting cargoes required positive temperatures (≥ 0°C), truck refrigeration units with hot gas heating is recommended.

truck refrigeration unitsIf Truck Refrigeration Units in a Hot Temperature:
• Refrigeration Units which operate in a very hot climate require high-quality lubricating oil meeting to the specification of truck refrigeration units manufacturer
• The Refrigeration Units equipped with Start-Stop mechanisms should not be allowed to stop during temperature control use with frozen products onboard.
• The vehicle or truck should be parked in the shade.

When Loading and Unloading:
• Do not plug the evaporator outlet with the loaded goods.
• Make sure that air circulation is unobstructed in vehicle.

When Transporting Fresh Products (e.g. Fruit, Vegetable):
• The vehicle should be defrost manually after 30 minutes of loading.

When Transporting Frozen Products:
• If the humidity in vehicle is too high, running a manual defrost after 30 minutes loading.
• Shut down the truck refrigeration unit when you open the doors for loading and unloading, in order to avoid excessive frosting of the evaporator.

When Transporting Ice Cream:
• If the doors are to be opened frequently, please use the protective curtains
• Shut down the refrigeration unit when you open the doors for loading and unloading.

For urban transport:
• Please use the protective curtains.
• Shut down the refrigeration unit when you open the doors.
• Before loading, please pre-refrigerate the vehicle body to a temperature at least as low as that of the goods to be transported.
truck refrigeration units
For Long Distance Transport:
• Check out the level of refrigeration oil and antifreeze fluid.
• Check that the truck refrigeration unit is operating normally.
• If the truck refrigeration units have any problem, please contact the nearest service center, or send us email 24-hours-a-day: INFO@GUCHEN.COM, as soon as possible.

• Guchen as the best truck refrigeration unit supplier, our technical engineers suggestion that you should take regular maintenance of your truck refrigeration unit, in order to avoid any unnecessary problems.
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