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21 Marcopolo Pure Electric Buses Equipped with Guchen Bus Air Conditioner Completed the Delivery Ceremony on March 15, 2024

Mar 29, 2024
Electric buses are quickly becoming the preferred public transportation option in cities around the world. As concerns over climate change and air pollution grow, municipalities are looking to transition their bus fleets to zero-emission electric vehicles. One of the leading manufacturers of electric buses is Marcopolo, a famous bus company with over 70 years of experience. Marcopolo first started experimenting with electric bus technology in 2022. In recent years, they have ramped up production and unveiled new models to meet rising demand. Their buses now operate in dozens of cities globally. A key reason for Marcopolo's success with electric buses is their focus on quality and innovation. They work closely with partners to develop custom solutions optimized for different markets.
Guchen air conditioner for electric  buses

The Delivery Ceremony

On March 15, 2024, Marcopolo and Guchen held the delivery ceremony for 21 new all-electric buses equipped with Guchen's latest bus air conditioning systems. The ceremony took place in  Nuevo León and was attended by executives from both companies, local government officials, and media. The ceremony marked an important milestone in Marcopolo's transition towards electric bus production. In his opening remarks, Marcopolo's CEO highlighted the company's commitment to sustainable transportation.
The buses feature a clean, modern design and utilize Guchen's new electric compressors to provide efficient climate control. The delivery ceremony generated positive press coverage and underscored Marcopolo's leadership in eco-friendly buses. It also demonstrated the success of Marcopolo's new collaboration with Guchen to equip electric buses with optimized HVAC systems. Both companies are looking forward to continuing the partnership on future electric bus projects.
Marcopolo pure electric bus

Future Plans

Marcopolo and Guchen have exciting plans to continue growing their electric bus business together. After the successful delivery of 21 electric buses equipped with Guchen air conditioners, the companies are looking to expand significantly. Marcopolo is investing in new facilities and production lines dedicated entirely to electric buses. This will allow Marcopolo to manufacture more electric buses per year.
Guchen is also ramping up production of its electric bus air conditioners. The company aims to provide air conditioning systems for a majority of Marcopolo's new electric buses. Guchen is expanding manufacturing capabilities to meet this increased demand.
Additionally, Marcopolo and Guchen have plans to bring their electric bus partnership to new markets. Currently focused on the Latin America market, the companies see huge potential internationally. Marcopolo has operations around the world, which offers opportunities to equip electric buses in other regions with Guchen air conditioners. The future looks bright for the Marcopolo and Guchen electric bus partnership. With ambitious growth plans and proven success so far, both parties are poised to make major impacts providing sustainable public transportation globally. Their innovative electric buses will transform cities around the world.
electric bus ac for Marcopolo

Guchen Air Conditioners

Guchen is a leading Chinese manufacturer of bus air conditioning systems.
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Zhengzhou, Guchen has grown into one of the largest suppliers of HVAC systems for buses and coaches globally. Guchen specializes in developing and producing high quality air conditioning systems specifically designed for the bus industry. Its portfolio includes roof-mounted, rear-mounted and underfloor air conditioning units that provide powerful cooling and heating for optimal passenger comfort. A key advantage of Guchen's air conditioners is their energy efficiency and low noise operation. The compressors, fans and other components are engineered for reliability, low maintenance, and fuel economy.
Guchen's proprietary variable refrigerant technology enables precise temperature control while minimizing power consumption. Many major bus manufacturers rely on Guchen's expertise in battery thermal management and air distribution inside a bus cabin. Guchen works closely with its clients to engineer custom AC solutions for new bus models that meet targeted efficiency goals. Its expertise in electric bus air conditioning is especially valuable as the industry transitions to zero-emission vehicles.
With over 25 years of experience developing innovative bus air conditioning products, Guchen has established itself as a trusted partner for manufacturers seeking the highest quality and performance. Its commitment to advancing AC technology for electric buses also positions Guchen well for continued growth.

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