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Why Tour Bus Air Conditioner And Air Conditioner for Van and Truck Marketing is Worth to Focus on in Australia?

Apr 08, 2016

Why Focus on Air Conditioner for Tour Bus and Van in Australia?

tour bus air conditioner

1. Tourism is developed in Australia

As we know, there is a long distance between one site to another site in Australia, so the broad territory in Australia with sparse population makes tourists cannot “walk” without tour buses. With the developing of convenient traffic, more and more people from all over the world travel to Australia. Last year, more than 1 million Chinese people travel to Austria and spend 80 billion Australian Dollars. According to tourist visa department in Austria, Australia tourism department is going to grand a decade valid tourist visa for Chinese visitors. That means a new upsurge of tourism is coming in 2016.

From above information, what conclusion can we see?

There are many airport buses, tour buses, tourist coaches, sightseeing bus, electronic tour bus, and double decker tour buses surrounded in Australia. The tourists from all over the world mostly choose the tour buses not the private cars to travel.
People are requiring a more comfortable tour buses. With the living standard rising, the tourists ask for a more pleasurable journey, especially from December to next February, it has a high requirement to travel but it is in hot summer in Australia, so the cooling environment in tour buses is in need. Form this point, the tour bus air conditioners are in a high demand!    

2. Transportation is developed in Australia

Australia is rich in material resource, which is the major component in Australia economy. So the air conditioner for truck is more needed than before by miners.
Australia is rich in cereal products, dairy products, wood, and wool etc., which depends on the transportation vehicles such as vans are more popular. But it is because its vast land, drivers need a more comfortable journey, so the air conditioner for van can meet the drivers’ demand.
tour bus air conditioner
Tour Bus Air Conditioner is mounted on the rooftop tour bus

What Guchen Industry can Supply for Tour Bus and Truck/Van Factory?

According to Australia Policy about Saving Energy on Transportation, Guchen industry can supply electric bus air conditioner, such as all-electric bus air conditioner is more suitable for Australia marketing. What’s more, we also has air conditioner for tour bus with 5 to 13 meter length.

As we are specialized in offering different kinds of tour bus air conditioner , air conditioner for truck and van to meet the marketing demand for more than 20 years. From this point, we turned our view on tour bus, truck and van air conditioner marketing in Australia, it is a new chance for us, and it is also really worth to try this marketing for tour bus factory and truck and van factory!

For the later devotion to this marketing, Guchen will do more observation and be prepared well for this marketing.

Guchen industry also warmly welcomes tour bus manufacturers and truck and van manufacturers to join us creating a bright future together!
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