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350V electric car ac compressor

Electric Car AC Compressor

GC20A320, GC27A320, GC27A350
Speed Range:
Rated Voltage
DC320V, DC350V
20CC, 27CC, 34CC
Cooling Capacity:

Introduction of Guchen Electric Car AC Compressor

Guchen Industry has developed a series of air conditioning compressors engineered from the ground up for electric cars.
The future of driving is electric, and the electric car AC compressors from Guchen Industry deliver efficient, eco-friendly performance to keep EV passengers comfortable on the road. Built for power and engineered for efficiency, Guchen Compressors utilize an innovative variable-speed electric design to provide cooling on demand. No more lagging A/C or strain on the electric car's battery.
The EV car ac compressors use a high-speed brushless DC motor that's digitally controlled to deliver variable capacity. This allows it to efficiently meet cooling demands without noise and vibration. They are also with compact, integrated design, freeing up space and allowing for more compact system integration.

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Guchen's compressors can adjust cooling power based on need. This improves energy efficiency.
Guchen electric compressors bring unparalleled performance to electric cars.
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Technical Parameters of 320V-350V Electric Car Air Conditioner Compressor

Model GC20A320 GC27A320 GC34A350
Displacement 20CC 27CC 34CC
      Speed range     1000-6500rpm 1000-6500rpm  1000-6500rpm 
     Rated cooling capacity 3.5KW 4.5KW 5.9KW
Rated power 1.14KW 2.03KW 2.7KW
Refrigerant R134a R134a  R134a 
Oil RL68H/120ML RL68H/120ML  RL68H/120ML 
HV voltage range DC320V / DC230V-450V DC320V / DC230V-450V  DC350V / DC230V-420V 
Control mode PWM/CAN PWM/CAN  PWM/CAN 
Working temp. -40℃~+90℃  -40℃~+90℃  -40℃~+90℃ 

Outstanding Features of Guchen Electric AC Compressor for Cars

Wide Voltage Range, 320V-900V AC Compressors for All EV Platforms
Guchen compressors operate seamlessly across a wide 320V-900V voltage range. This enables compatibility with existing and future EV power systems, while providing steady A/C performance without disruption.
Guchen is already working with several major automakers to help enhance the cooling efficiency of their A/C systems.
20CC-60CC Displacement to Meet Global EV Makers’ Climate Control Needs
With a displacement range of 20CC-60CC and adjustable cooling capacity, this versatile electric car compressor meets the climate control needs of global EV makers. Engineered for optimal efficiency and performance, it allows electric vehicles to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature in all conditions. Taking GC27A320 compressor for example, this compressor is specifically designed to cater to the climate control needs of electric passenger cars worldwide.
Guchen Compressors are built to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that EV passengers stay comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

320v electric car ac compressor
Using an Innovative Variable Displacement Design
Advanced variable speed technology allows it to efficiently adjust cooling power based on conditions and demand, while intelligent controls minimize energy consumption. Guchen electric car ac compressor allows EVs to run cooling systems without sacrificing driving range. It's a game changer for energy efficiency, performance, ultra-smooth operation and precise temperature regulation.
Ultra-efficient GC34A350 Electric Compressor has been Successfully Commercialized
The GC34A350 electric compressor delivers an unmatched combination of power and energy efficiency. After years of research and development, it has finally been successfully commercialized to the delight of automakers everywhere. With its state-of-the-art electric motor and advanced advanced noise reduction technology, this ultra-quiet, high-performance unit gained great popularity around the world.

GC34A350 electric compressor kits
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