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bock FK50 compressor for bus air conditioner

Bock FK50 Series Compressor for Bus A/C System

FK50/660, FK50/775, FK50/830, FK50/980
Swept Volume(cm³):
Displ. Volume(1450rpm):
Dimensions Length / Width / Height:
430* 375*335 mm
Permissible range of rotation speeds:
500 - 3500 ¹/min

Bock FK50 Series Vehicle Compressor Description

k type value plate of BOCK FK 50 compressorSeries FK50 vehicle compressors are designed for mobile applications. Vehicle compressors series FK50 of Bock are among the most wide-spread machines used for bus air conditioning system, coach air conditioner. The K design of FK50 Bock compressor is available for bus air conditioning with unique K type value plate ( picture No. 1) system for the customer requirement. We are the general agent of Bock compressors for bus air conditioning & electrical truck air conditioner in north China, we supply original FK50 Bock compressor and original compressor parts for bus & coach air conditioning system with low price. ( clicked the red font to view certificate of Bock sales representative)

Remarkable Features of Bock FK50 Series Compressor for Bus A/C System

Open piston compressor, compact 6-cylinder compressor in W design with a light aluminium construction.
Bock FK50 series bus A/C compressor with compact dimensions, low weight, wide capacity spectrum together with the high operating safety and service-friendliness.
Integrated oil collecting system for the shaft seal, leak oil drain hose design which collecting the oil leakage, in order to avoid oil leak into the compressor

Technical Data of Bock FK50 Bus AC Compressor

Type FK50/660 FK50/775 FK50/830 FK50/980
Nr. Of Cyl. 6
Swept Volume(cm3) 662 776 831 976
Displ. Volume(1450rpm) 57.6 67.6 72.3 84.9
Weight 42.0 41.0 43.0 42.0
Connections Discharge Line DV mm/inch 35/1 3/8 35/ 13/8 35/13/8 35/13/8
Suction Line SV mm/inch 2*35/1 3/8 2*35/1 3/8 2*35/1 3/8 2*35/1 3/8
Inertia moment of the driving unit(kgm2) 0.0047 0.0056
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP) 19 / 28 bar
Permissible range of rotation speeds 500 - 3500 ¹/min
Dimensions Length / Width / Height 430* 375*335 mm
Lubrication Oil pump
Oil charge 2,5 Ltr.
Oil type R22 FUCHS Reniso SP 46
Oil type R134a, R404a, R407c, R507 FUCHS Reniso Triton SE 55

Bock FK50 Compressor for Bus Air Conditioning Systems

Top Picks
★ Fastening possibility for electromagnetic clutch, ensure the compressor have a stable performance.

★ Wear resistant and long-lasting engine, ensure the bus air A/C compressor have a high cooling efficient and keep good performance.

★ Crankshaft supported in roller bearings on both sides ( picture No. 2--crankshaft ), ensure the compressor run stably and reliably.

crankshaft of bock fk50 compressor

★ Bidirectional lubricating oil pump with relief valve, make sure the bus A/C system is running more smoothly.

★ Variable arrangement shut-off valves, convenient adjusting the compressor installation location and easy to install it in bus air conditioning system.

★ Ideally equipped with valve plates for each application. Integrated pulsation damper for especially quiet running.
Main Components
FK50 compressor's parts

1. Cylinder cover  2. Valve plate  3. Compressor casing  4. Integrated leak oil collector  5. Location hole for fitting magnetic clutch  6. Shaft end  7. Shaft seal  8. Connection thermal protection thermostat  9. Discharge shut-off valve  10. Oil filling plug  11. Sight glasses for oil (2x)  12. Baseplate  13. Suction shut-off valve (FK50/660, 775, 830 and 980with 2 suction shut-off valves)   14. Oil pump  15. Oil drain plug / oil filter  16. Optional connection type for suction shut-off valve 17. Nameplate 18. Leak oi drain hose
Wide Application Range
FK50 Series Bock Compressor is mainly used in bus A/C system, minibus air conditioning system, electrical truck air conditioner, van air conditioner, commercial vehicles air conditioner, FK50 Series Bock Compressors are universal operation with all coolants generally used in mobile applications
Four Kinds of Bock FK50 Series Vehicle Compressor
▲ FK50 660K Bock Compressor for bus A/C

▲ FK50 775K Bock Compressor for bus A/C

▲ FK50 830K Bock Compressor for bus A/C

▲ FK50 980K Bock Compressor for bus A/C

FK50 Series Compressor Defects for Bus Air Conditioning
Bus A/C compressor defects may have various causes. The following tips are meant to aid you while analysing the cause of the breakdown, thus the specific remedying of the cause of the breakdown is facilitated. 

● If the valve plate cause liquid shocks because of liquid refrigerant or oil, please check & adjust expansion valve, and replace it.

● If overheating of bus A/C compressor, please check the operating conditions when the heat protection thermostat switches off.

● If the shaft seal leaking lack of oil, please change oil, clean the system, or install a suction line filter ( if necessary )

● If the bus A/C compressor frequent starting and stopping, please checking overloading of compressor compare the operating conditions with the application limits.
About Guchen Industry Co,. Ltd
Bock compressor is top-quality, service-friendly quality, reliable product. Please comply with the correct operation so that you can benefit form all advantages to the full and use your refrigerating system throughout its entire service life. If you have any questions about installation, application, operation and parts, please contact Guchen technical service department, email: or
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