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Guchen Electric Air Conditioning Solutions Pushing Forward the Modernization Process of New Energy City Bus

Jul 05, 2021
In recent years, new energy vehicles increases more rapidly under the dual pressures of energy and environment crises. With the rapid growth of social economy, electric buses have occupied an ever-larger portion of our urban road system.
Once an occasional sight, and now it’s everywhere. New energy buses (pure electric buses as the main force) have become a beautiful scenery on the streets.

An effective air conditioning solution keeps the air quality, humidity and temperature in the bus passenger compartment at a more comfortable level. Over the years, Guchen Industry is devoted to the development of electric bus air conditioning systems. We have established close cooperation with industry-leading factories and companies to understand customer needs better. At present, Guchen Industry has launched four high-performance bus AC models, serving more than 15% of the overseas market. We plan to continuously make significant investments in a broad range of new energy research and development efforts, to provide our customers with better bus air conditioning solutions.
electric bus industry


Paying Close Attention to Customer Needs

Guchen Industry provides advanced driven and control solutions for bus air conditioners.
Compared with conventional vehicles, electric buses are with better stability and lower noise. They have been greatly improved both in terms of riding comfort and environment protection. Among all the core components of new energy buses, on-board air conditioning system plays a very important role in adjusting the internal humidity, air flow, air quality, and temperature of the vehicle.
As the second most power-consuming component, on-board air conditioner should be optimized when developing an electric bus. The reason behind that is because the air conditioning system of a pure electric bus is powered by the on-board battery; however, in fact, the specific energy of most electric bus batteries is far below basic requirements of the vehicle’s cruising range.
new energy bus


Such a Huge Challenge

How to make the electric bus air conditioner a more efficient system?
Simple electrification modifying the traditional vehicle air conditioner cannot meet the requirement of electric bus development. In order to make up for the shortcomings of insufficient battery energy, the air conditioning system must have lower energy consumption and excellent control performance to provide new energy bus with a greater range.
Electric bus mainly use an inverter to efficiently control electric scroll compressor or to control the start, stop, and run of condenser/evaporator fan. To cater to these requirements, Guchen Industry has launched the ES Series Electric Bus AC Units. Guchen ES Models are specially-designed inverter air conditioners for new energy buses and coaches. They are more in line with the requirements of bus air conditioning. ES series has both control and drive functions, excellent in safety protection.
Today, Guchen’s ES series new energy bus AC systems have been highly recognized by customers, being the first choice for bus factories, shops and manufacturers.
ES series electric bus AC


Dedicated in Developing Efficient Electric Compressor Units with High EER

EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio;
The higher the EER, The more efficient the electric compressor.
Guchen Industry has meticulously developed an all-in-one variable-speed drive electric AC compressor that meets the special customer requirements. GC-EVS series electric compressor realize the integrated solution of variable-frequency drive, electric motor and pump, complying with the high standard requirements of new energy bus air conditioning. It is with better comfort, higher EER, longer service life and less maintenance.
inverter electric scroll compressor


Professional Technical Support

To better meet the needs of global customers and to grasp on the development opportunities in new energy bus industry, Guchen Industry has established a professional technical team from the time we start business in the field of passenger bus air conditioning. All the efforts enable Guchen Industry respond rapidly to the rapid changes and new challenges in the industry in a timely manner.
At the same time, relying on branches and service outlets all over the world, Guchen Industry can also provide customers with reliable guarantees and help the rapid development of the new energy passenger bus air-conditioning industry.
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