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Direct Driven Truck Refrigeration Units

Feb 06, 2015
The truck refrigeration units are divided into non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units according to the different power source while driving. For the non-independent truck refrigeration units or direct driven truck refrigeration units, which divided into Front Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit, Under Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit, and Roof Mounted Van Refrigeration Units according to the installation location of the condenser.

Front Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit

Transport refrigeration units Installation manualInstalled the condenser in the front of  truck container is called front mounted truck refrigeration units. Observing the distance between the cabin and the truck container, as well as the height between the cabin top and the container roof, avoid that the cabin might be unable to upturning after installation. (The premise was that there is some cargo placed in the interior of the truck container)
If the height difference is too big, move the condenser downward appropriately when installing, ensure the refrigeration unit and the vehicle look harmonious and beautiful, as a whole.
The front mounted truck refrigeration units are very popular in the world, Guchen industry's truck refrigeration units all can mount in the front of truck. The major advantage of front mounted truck refrigeration units is when the truck vehicle is driving on bumpy roads the condenser still have a good performance, good air ventilation, reliable contact and simple structure. The hot sale refrigeration units are TR-200 Direct Engine Driven Units, TR-300, TR-350, TR-550, this product with the features of environmental protection, energy conservation, and high efficiency, our refrigeration units can completely satisfy your needs.
Transport refrigeration units Installation manual

Under Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit

Transport refrigeration units Installation manualInstalled the condenser under the vehicle chassis is called under mounted truck refrigeration units. The refrigeration unit should be mounted in the front or the middle of the vehicle chassis,because if it mounted at the rear, the refrigeration units would be bumped when driving, that this will lead to refrigerant leakage and other unnecessary lost.
When the condenser installed below the vehicle chassis frame, make sure the truck refrigeration units far away from the vehicle tire as much as possible, in order to avoid refrigeration units is damaged in case of tire explosion
If you need under mounted truck refrigeration units, there are three kinds of truck refrigeration units are introduced to you, they are TR-760,TR-860,TR-960 which can install the below of the vehicle or roof of the vehicle. GUCHEN INDUSTRY only have three model truck refrigeration units used for under mounted, they are truck refrigeration unit TR-760, truck refrigeration unit TR-860, Truck Refrigeration Unit TR-960, so we will introduce it in the other article, here is not described in detail.

Roof Top Mounted Van Refrigeration Units

Installed the condenser on the roof of the van & panel van is called roof mounted van refrigeration units. Roof mounted condenser installing is almost used in van, therefore called roof top mounted van refrigeration units. The refrigeration units used for install at the roof top of van such as TR-110D,TRF-110D and TR-180T,TR-200T,TR-300T,TR-350T. And the TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units,TRF-110D Van Refrigeration Units are powered by vehicle battery driven & DC powered refrigeration units. (they also called electrical van refrigeration units ). And TR-180T,TR-200T,TR-300T,TR-350T are driven by vehicle engine. Roof top mounted van refrigeration units are suitable for Sprinter, FIAT, VW, IVECO, FOTON, and other vans.
Whatever front mounted truck refrigeration unit,under mounted truck refrigeration unit, and roof top mounted van refrigeration units, all belong to the direct driven refrigeration units.

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