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No-idle A/C System - Best Aircon Solution for Heat Stroking Issues Caused by No Air-conditioned UPS Trucks

Feb 20, 2020
Thinking about that you drive a truck without A/C in summer days, how is the feeling? It would be miserable. There's no doubt that it can be brutal to spend 8 hours driving in record-breaking heat during the summer, especially truck has no air conditioning.
Things really happened. UPS drivers do that day to day. They work in these extreme temperatures day after day. There are UPS trucks all over the United States running without air conditioner. That is getting into some dangerous heat conditions. NBC News found that there were 107 reports in 23 states of UPS employees being sent to hospital because of heat-related illness (heat stroke etc.). James Klenk, a UPS truck driver in New Jersey, suffetes heat stroke while on his routine in 2016, and his kidneys were failing needing intensive care. In the hot summer months, without a reliable means of keeping cool, the temperature in UPS's trucks can climb to 180 degrees.

To prompt a push to equip all delivery trucks with air conditioning, UPS drivers and their families started online petition asking UPS to add A/C to their trucks. Till now, the petition has surpassed 775,000 signatures.

A UPS representative states that, it's ineffective to install A/C in UPS trucks because the doors are open all day long. UPS also said that the drivers are making a stop on average every 3 minutes. With each stop, the engine is shut off.

It happened that workers at Guchen Industry noticed this A/C related industry news when we were online searching for a new and solution-oriented update last week. Good awareness to A/C related issues as a reliable bus/truck air conditioner manufacturer and exporter, Guchen People started to find a perfect solution for UPS to solve the A/C-related problems, and help UPS to improve the truck drivers' working environment.

1. Is it necessary to install air conditioner on UPS truck?
The answer is absolutely "YES". Irrespective of UPS truck design and door-opening frequency, from the point of view of drivers' health, it is urgent to have all trucks equipped with air conditioners. It's the employers' responsibility to make sure its employees to work under safe conditions, getting rid of health risks, not just suggesting "drivers carry water and snacks in their vehicles". Please don't just give lip services.

2. Is it effective to install AC systems on the UPS trucks?
Before answering the question, let's have a look at UPS conventional-cab trucks design.
UPS walk-in trucks DESIGN
The walk-in trucks, also called package car or delivery van, is one of the most.common types of delivery vehicles which are used by major delivery companies like UPS and FedEx. This type of truck is designed with a rear doorway, driver's cab and cargo area. Between the cab and cargo area, there is a small door providing drivers access to drop-off or pick-up parcels on each stop.
That is to say, the cab and the cargo are two seperate areas with a compartment. Theoretically, an A/C in the driver's cab will absolutely effective. Insulated or not, it's not difficult for us to imagine that cold air blowing directly and constantly into an area would cool it, especially in such a small cab area.
Air Conditioner Available for UPS Delivery Van
3. How to Install? What Kind of Air Conditioner is Available for UPS Delivery Van?
Before recommending UPS perfect and suitable A/C model, we should know clearly about what problems UPS are facing when it comes to air condition its delivery trucks. From UPS's official response, it's not hard for us to conclude that the most concern is the ineffectiveness of air conditioning its small package delivery fleet because of the daily runs with frequent stops and at each stop the engine is off, as well as the air condition system.
Therefore, we need to make sure:
1) the A/C system should run normally even if the truck idles;
2) the A/C system should be with enough cooling capacity to cold both large and small cab.
It seems that there is no such an A/C system having the ability to meet those two conditions. It's true that conventional air conditioners are not effective in cooling the large cab of delivery vehicles operating with frequent on/off engine and A/C system cycles.
However there is still one and only solution to solve the problem: No-idle Air Conditioner with Large Cooling Capacity.
No-idle air conditioning system is specially designed for long-distance haul trucks at first. It enables air conditioning of the cabin during engine-off periods. For UPS trucks, a no-idle truck cab air conditioner can satisfy both engine-on and engine-off cooling.
Ecooler 3200 No-idle truck air conditioner
UPS never need to worry about that using the truck air-conditioning system will increase its fuel consumption, as all Guchen no-idle air conditioners are battery-powered units (DC 24V/12V). Compared with vehicle engine-driven aircons, no-idle systems can save 3,000 gallon fuel per year.
Moreover, Guchen Ecooler Series electric air conditioner for UPS truck cabs only takes up to 0.1m³, which makes it a perfect solution for UPS delivery vans, saving space much more.
Lastly, Guchen DC Powered Air Conditioners are with a large range of cooling capacity, from 1600w, 2400w, 3200w to 3500w with rooftop mounted design. UPS can choose whichever suitable model to render its different trucks cool enough, at the meantime using less fuel.
Ecooler 2400 AC unit for UPS truck cab

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