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Bizter 4TFCY Compressor for Bus air conditioning

4TFCY Compressor

Cylinder volume:
475 cm³
Displacement (1450rpm):
41,3 m³/h
Displacement (3000rpm):
85,5 m³/h
Weight magnetic clutch:
10 kg
2 x SPB
Maximum pressure (LP/HP):
19 / 28 bar

Bizter 4TFCY Compressor Used in Guchen Bus Air Conditioning System

The Bizter 4TFCY compressor are the optimal selection for the bus air conditioning application with vehicle engine at variable speed. The maximum speed not allow to surpass 4500 rpm even at high idle speed (no-load ) of vehicle engine. Model 4TFCY Bizter Compressor provides high effective energy saving for cooled air. No matter which bus model, bus brand, bizter 4TFCY is the best solution for your bus air conditioning units. Guchen also offer other bus air conditioner parts, after sales repair service and technique support. Our aim is to serve for our customer with long-term cooperation and to achieve win-to-win in business.
Bitzer Compressor is famous for good quality and good refrigeration. Bitzer Compressor 4TFCY is mainly suitable for 8.5 meters - 12meters bus and double-decker bus.

Features of Bizter 4TFCY Compressor

Very compact design, optimized for R134a refrigerant; Low weight; Original imports Bitzer compressor with high efficiency.
Patented shaft seal is easily accessible; Fixed thrust bearing at driving side, minimum axial clearance and designed for extreme loading at high speed; Open drive reciprocating compressor for transport air conditioning applications.
CE; Durable and reliability; 1 year warranty for Bitzer compressor 4TFCY; Cylinder liners is very exchangeable and particularly wear resistant.

Technical Data




Cylinder volume

475 cm³

29.0 CIR

Displacement (1450rpm)

41,3 m³/h

1459 CFH

Displacement (3000rpm)

85,5 m³/h

3020 CFH

No. of cylinder x bore x stroke

4 x 60 x 42mm

4 x 2.36 inch x 1.65 inch

Allowed speed range

500 .. 3500 1/min

500 .. 3500 1/min

Weight (without clutch)

34,7 kg

76.5 lb

Magnetic clutch 12V or 24V DC

LA16 (Option)

LA16 (Option)

Weight magnetic clutch

10 kg

22 lb


2 x SPB

2 x SPB

Maximum pressure (LP/HP)

19 / 28 bar

275 / 403 psi

Connection suction line

35 mm - 1 3/8'

35 mm - 1 3/8'

Connection discharge line

28 mm - 1 1/8'

28 mm - 1 1/8'

Oil type R134a

BSE 55 (Option)

BSE 55 (Option)

Oil type R22

B5.2 (Standard)

B5.2 (Standard)

Oil charge

2,5 dm³

88 fl. Oz

Crankcase heater

70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)

70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)

Pressure relief valve



Oil drier



Capacity control

100-50% (Option)

100-50% (Option

Bizter Compressor 4TFCY for Bus air Conditioning Units

● Bitzer 4TFCY compressor is very popular and widely used in bus air conditioning system

● Suit for bus air conditioning which install on the 8.5 meters - 12meters bus, coach, school bus and also double-decker buses.

● In your bus air conditioning system, there always have a tag or bus ac brands, if you cannot confirm whether the compressor fit your bus a/c system, please give us more information: e.g. Bus brand, bus ac system tag information, or take picture or video of your compressor. And GUCHEN engineers will checks right compressor model suit for your bus air conditioner kits
Magnetic Clutch
Key component of bus air conditioning compressor: clutch. Bitzer Compressor clutch is the best solution for Bitzer 4TFCY Compressor
Five kind of Magnetic Clutches used in Bock or Bitzer f400 compressor included Bizter 4TFCY:
● Mount the compressor, the permissible tilt is not exceeded while in operation.

● For mounting and operation under extreme conditions (such as: aggressive or corrosive atmospheres) suitable measure must be taken., consultation with Guchen is recommended.

● Exchangeable mounting position: Fasten the compressor either solid at the vehicle engine or elastically to the vehicle chassis, due to the exchangeable position of the suction shut-off valve.
Tips to Repair
Switch off motor ! Ensure that motor cannot be started while carrying out maintenance work.
Main Parts
Unfortunately, all compressors always have a limited service life, however, there of course have a better solution e.g. repairing or replacing some parts not need to replace the entire compressor of the bus air conditioning. We supply all compressor spare parts for bizter compressor 4TFCY, such as: Bitzer shaft seal, connecting rod with piston, complete gasket, clutch, overhaul package, and other parts e.g. crank shaft bearing, shut-off valve.
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