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Valeo TM43 compressor
Valeo TM43 bus ac compressor
TM43 Compressor for Bus A/C
original imported Valeo TM43 compressor

Valeo TM43 Compressor for Bus A/C

425 cm³/ 26 in³ per rev.
319*164*269 mm / 12.6*6.5*10.6 in
Number of Cylinders:
10 (5 double-headed pistons)

Valeo TM43 Compressor for bus air conditioner Introduction

Valeo TM-43 compressor adopted the heavy duty swash plate technology, the compressor operation excellence is guaranteed today for large and medium-scaled buses & coaches air conditioning system ( 8-10m bus models). Valeo TM-43 compressor with compact size and light weight, is mainly used in BD-04 bus air conditioning system which the length of the bus body is no more than 8m-10m.
If you bus body is more than 10m we also supply Valeo TM 55/ TM65 compressor for you choice.

Valeo TM Series Compressor Authorized Agent

As the distributor for Valeo TM series compressor in China. Zhengzhou Guchen industry Co., Ltd.  supply original imported Valeo TM-43 compressor and original compressor parts with competitive pricing. 

Features of Valeo TM-43 Bus AC Compressor

Reliability swash plate system, improved durability ensures long-term cost saving; Double-lip type shaft seal design ensuring oil leakage free operation.
High precision piston coating enabling low clearance; Valeo warranty and competitive pricing; Valeo TM-43 compressor with compact size and light weight, easy to direct (side or base) or indirect installed in the engine.
Flexible port design of TM-43 compressor for Bus A/C with a simple and flexible installation.

Technical Data of Valeo TM43 Bus A/C Compressor

MODEL Valeo TM43 Compressor
Displacement 425 cm³/ 26 in³;per rev.
Technology Heavy duty swash plate
Number of Cylinders 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
Range 600-5000 rpm
Direction of Rotation clockwise viewed from clutch
Bore 40 mm (1.57 in)
Stroke 33.8 mm (1.33 in)
Shaft Seal Lip Seal Type
Lubrication System Lubrication by Gear Pump
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Oil ZXL 100 PG PAG oil 800 cc/ 0.21 gal (POE option)
Connections (internal hose diameter) Suction: 35 mm (1-3/8 in) Discharge: 28 mm (1-1/8 in)
Weight 13.5 kg /29.7 lbs (w/o clutch )
Mount Direct (side or base)
Dimensions(length-width-height) 319*164*269 mm / 12.6*6.5*10.6 in
Lubrication system Lubrication by gear pump
Shaft seal Lip seal type

TM-43 Compressor for Bus A/C Systems

Top Picks
▲ High cooling capacity ensuring the bus A/C system have a best cooling capacity at idling, traffic jam stops, etc.

▲ The TM 43 compressor driven by a swash plate with low friction

▲ TM-43 compressor type is an HFC-134a refrigerant system for bus air conditioning system

▲ Balanced 10 cylinders compressor design, the 10-cylinder are each divided into 2 chambers, providing 5 front and 5 rear bores, each piston performs suction and compression at either end, which reducing noise and vibrations.
Gear Pump
The gear pump situated at the end of the drive shaft, when the Valeo TM43 compressors start operating, its gear pump draws oil from the reservoir and lubricates the parts of the Valeo TM43 compressor such as bearings, shaft seal, and swash plate, which pump it through an oil passage in the shaft. And the oil flows through ports in the pistons to lubricate the cylinders and the pistons.

TM-43 Bus AC Compressor
Swash Plate System
Valeo TM43 compressor is a 10-cylinder swash plate type compressor. Valeo TM-43 compressor adopted swash plate system, which the cylinders and piston are arranged axially along the drive shaft. Therefore the Valeo TM-43 compressor driven by a drive shaft (swash plate system) to achieve suction, compression and discharge.
Wide Application Range
1. The design of TM-43 compressor has been developed to adapt any kind of bus air conditioning system specifications to optimize mounting position either inside engine room. Especially optimum for any customer requiring adaptation flexibility.

2. Unlimited adaptations and field serviceable Valeo TM-43 compressor, comprehensive range coverage from city bus A/C to coaches air conditioner, including trailer A/C, medium group coach A/C, electrical truck air conditioner, agriculture machines air conditioner, shuttle bus A/C and so on.
Magnetic Clutch Voltage
Magnetic clutch of Valeo TM-43 compressor recommends the following Voltage:
DC ( Direct Current ) 24 V: The terminal voltage of the magnetic clutch must exceed 21 V.
DC ( Direct Current ) 12 V: The terminal voltage of the magnetic clutch must exceed 10.5 V.
If you need to more Valeo TM-43 compressor, please click on Technical Data or chat on-line, send inquiry or email us.

See full information at Valeo TM Series Compressor by visiting this page.
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