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How to Check Your Truck Air Conditioner Before Calling for Service ?

Jul 25, 2017

Of course, it would be the hottest day of the year that your truck air conditioner stops working in such a hot summer day! Getting it serviced can be expensive, and you'll just have to swelter while waiting for a service technician. So it is necessary to master some knowledge about checking ac units for trucks by yourself. And then check out these steps that can possibly save some money, and help you keep your cool at the same time!
Step 1: Troubleshooting
①Assess the problem of ac units for trucks. 
Is the truck air conditioner units simply not working at all, is it not cooling the air much, or is it simply blowing around warm air?
②It's not working at all: the condenser in truck air conditioning system are not running.
  • Make sure it's plugged in. This may seem obvious, but there are occasions when this is exactly the problem. Maybe an accidental tap can make the plug partially or completely dislodged.
  • Check your thermostat (cooling control) and make sure it is set to cool at the current temperature, and working properly. As with plugs, sometimes settings can change by accident.
③Check your fan blower belt of truck air conditioner units for excessive slack, damage, or breakage. 
This can cause low air flow which allows ice to form, and thus causes low cooling performance. Repair or replace the blower belt. Allow the ice to melt before restarting the truck air conditioning system.
④Check the truck air conditioner coils and filter. 
If they are caked with dust and debris, clean them thoroughly. Make sure you let any ice melt before restarting your truck air conditioning system.
⑤Call for truck air conditioner service. 
If you've verified that everything is connected, powered, set up properly, and clean, but the truck air conditioner still stops working, now it may be time to call the service department.
Step 2: Preventative Maintenance
①Wash your condenser coil in truck air conditioning system once a season, or as needed. 
Turn off your truck air conditioner, get a hose, and spray the coil using an up-and-down pattern. Be particularly attentive if your condenser is close to a dryer vent, or if the surrounding is full of cottonwood trees. These two items are "truck air conditioner killers".
②Clean or change your filter of ac units for trucks regularly.
This simple step alone can increase the efficiency of your truck air conditioner. It will also run less, increasing the life span of your ac units for trucks.
  • A good sign that your filter needs changing is the fact of ice forming inside your inside cooling unit (evaporator section).
  • This may be difficult to see as the truck air conditioner units is sealed, but touch the outside metal and feel for a noticeable temperature difference. You may also see ice on the large line going to the outside unit (suction line).
  • If ice is forming, it is possible that your air filter is severely dirty and restricting your normal air flow. This allows ice to form due to the fact that not enough heat is being introduced to your cooling section.
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gc-03 tractor air conditioning system
PHOTO: The internal and external of GC-03 special truck air conditioning system 
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GC-04 truck air conditioner
PHOTO: The first photo is the components of Guchen GC-04 truck air conditioner units, and the second and third photo is the condenser and evaporator respectively that install on a mini bus.  
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