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Review: Guchen Make Ecooler 2400 12V Air Conditioner

Nov 04, 2020
A battery-powered solution for semi truck cab comfort

semi truck cab air conditioning system

Now that the weather is changing warmer in South Hemisphere, semi truck drivers, especially OTR drivers, are stuck in temperature purgatory. Night sleeping in semi trucks are just a bit too warm to sleep without air conditioning.
How can the semi truck drivers get a better night’s sleep after long boring road trip? Fortunately, there are several things semi truck drivers can do to keep the cab cool during the summer months, which includes installing an effective air conditioning. We know a truck sleeper air conditioner is an investment, whether you are kitting out a brand new truck or the old unit is out of work. A successful investment on truck AC unit will help drivers withstand extreme heat, and keep you cool on warm summer evenings.

It’s a matter of comfort and safety.

There’s a growing demand for compact, energy-efficiency cab cooling and heating systems while drivers are at rest. Semi truck drivers care much more about power type, price, mounting position, heating option and installation when it comes to opting for cab A/C system. They are always trying to find an effective semi truck AC unit being 12V/24V DC powered, affordable, cab roof mounted/rear mounted, very easy to install or with heating option and idling reduction.
12v air conditioner for truck cab

And, that’s why Guchen designs Ecooler 2400 roof top 12v AC unit.

There are numerous no-idle options. Ecooler 2400 battery powered electric air conditioning system is one of that with maximum air-conditioning performance.
This small unit measures just 700 by 582 by 263 mm, but boasts a cooling power of 8,200 BTU which enables it keep semi truck sleeper cab relatively cool in summer days. The evaporating unit is mounted on the inside sleeper ceiling. Guchen Make Ecooler 2400 unit is designed to work both whilst parked up and also when the truck engine is running to provide additional cooling.

It features a split self-contained system comprised of a super slim evaporator, a water-proof condenser, a control panel with on-off switch and an electric compressor. Guchen Make Ecooler 2400 can be driven by 12 volt or 24 volt DC power. It is a battery-only HVAC solution using no fuel at all, helping to reduce both fuel cost and vehicle engine maintenance cost.

ecooler 2400 12v air conditioner

How many watts per hour Guchen Ecooler 2400 consumes?

Ecooler 2400 has a power consumption rating of 600W - 860W. It is an energy saving cab cooler to any trucks, trailers, semi trucks. It is a must have for those warm summer nights. Ecooler 2400 is an affordable AC that fits on your truck cabin or other vehicle sleeper cabs like tractor cabin etc. Perfect for keeping you cool, comfortable all summer long.


About Guchen Make 12 volt rooftop air conditioner

12 volt 24 volt A/C systems to 220 volt systems, rooftop mounted AC units to rear mounted units we have it covered. At Guchen Industry, a large range of battery powered air conditioning systems are available. Please mail to or send your inquiry below to get a free quotation of the perfect cab cooler for your semi truck.

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