Back-wall Mounted VS. Roof-top Mounted Electric Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioning


Guchen as the best truck cab air conditioner manufacturer, supply roof mounted air conditioner for truck and back-wall mounted aircon with a factory price to meet different demands.

Here now let’s see what kind of back-wall mounted air conditioners and roof-top mounted electric air conditioners Guchen Industry can supply, and how these aircons apply.

Guchen Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioning Application
√  Heavy duty truck cabins                                                                                                 

√  Roof Vans 

√  Semi-trucks cab

√   RV(Recreational Vehicle)

√   Special vehicles(fire truck, ambulance, construction vehicle, cranes, earth-moving machinery, harvesters and so on) 

√   Other transportation vehicles(yacht, Ferris Wheel, ferry vehicle, forklift, cable car, street sweeper truck and so on )

truck cab air conditioners for heavy duty trucks

PHOTO: truck cab air conditioners for heavy duty trucks

Why Choose Guchen in Cab Air Conditioner?

√ Reduce the CO2 emissions
You don’t need to keep the engine on to cool your truck cab when you parking for loading cargos, which save the fuel and reduce the CO2 emissions.

√ Save the fuel and cost
The truck cab air conditioners use DC powered electric, save the fuel and cost.

√ Give you a homelike sleeping or rest
Without noise and emission, you can add on air conditioning for trucks assuredly to deserve yourselves a cooling, comfortable, peace, healthy and safe surroundings when you drive.

√ Have a safe journey on road
You can concentrate on driving under the comfortable environment, and keep you safe on the road.

√ Easy to install
Compact and humanized design, reduce the installation difficulty.

Mounting Types of Electric Truck Cab Air conditioner

Guchen’s electric truck cabin air conditioners have two mounting types, which can meet different demands for truck drivers.
The below introduction is the roof-top mounted air conditioners for trucks and back-wall mounted types of truck cab air conditioners, you can see the difference between then in installation types, cooling seats, and applying tucks.
1. Back-wall Mounted Truck Cab Air Conditioners 

truck sleeper air conditioner

Airpro 2000 DC Powered Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioning
 - ( cooling 2 seat truck cab )

Airpro 2000 electric truck cab air conditioners belongs to the split cooling system with its condenser mounted on the outside back wall of the truck cab, (back-wall mounting) and evaporator mounting on the inside of truck cabin. Especially the portable air conditioner for semi-trucks is suitable.


2. Roof-top Mounted Air Conditioner for Truck 

airpro 4000 DC powered air conditioner

Airpro 4000 in Cab Air Conditioner
 -  ( cooling 4-5 seat truck cab/van )

With 3200W cooling capacity, Airpro 4000 in cab air conditioner is applied to 2-6 m³ truck sleeper cabs or commercial vehicles/vans with 5-6 meter length to make your cab cool and comfortable.


DC Powered Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioner

EP-02C DC Powered Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioner 
 ( cooling 2 seat truck cab )
With 1600W cooling capacity, EP-02C electric truck sleeper aircon can make your vehicle cabins(such as tractor, trailer, earth-moving machine, heavy duty truck, light duty truck, and special vehicles including fire truck, ambulance, and construction vehicle ) cool.

EP-02B Battery Powered Rooftop Air Conditioner

EP-02B Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Vans/Trucks
- ( cooling 3 seat truck cab/van )

With 2200W cooling capacity, EP-02B battery powered air conditioner for vans/trucks with 4-5 meter length or 2-5 m³ volume cabs cool.

Tips: The heating system is optional in Airpro 2000, Airpro 3000 and Airpro 4000 in cab air conditioners.

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