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Battery Powered Air Conditioning System being a Better Solution to Reduce Idling

May 15, 2020
Truck contributes to the fast development of freight transportation. It was reported that there were from 500,000 to 1 million long-haul trucks in the United States. For medium- and heavy-duty trucks, idling or running the diesel engine was once the only way a driver could do when the truck was parked. Idling occurs for a number of reasons, including maintaining desired truck cab-sleeper temperature during rest periods, powering auxiliary devices (such as TVs, laptops, microwave ovens contained in modern truck cabs).
With the expansion of conventional truck-transported freight, problem relating to fuel economy accompanying the burning of diesel fuel comes. Vehicle engine idling wastes fuel. Every year, there are billions of gallons of diesel and gasoline fuel are wasted, half of which from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.
truck idling

Adverse Impacts of Diesel Idling

◆ The major effect of idling is the consumption of fuel and waste of fuel cost. It was estimated that a typical commercial truck will use 0.5 gallons per hour during idling periods. For a fleet of 10 heavy-duty trucks, avoidable idling of just 2 hours per day, that’s $6,500 in avoidable fuel cost based on a price of $2.50 per gallon.
◆ Engine idling is a major source of pollution. Idling engines do not burn fuel efficiently, more harmful emissions from the exhaust, such as oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide.
◆ Idling causes damages to our vehicles. It is not an effective way to warm up the truck engine.

The Necessity of Idle Reduction

In view of this, idle reduction is necessary when commercial truck drivers must remain parked for long duration periods. Even with lower fuel prices, for fleet managers, there’s still plenty of money to be saved by reducing idling.
Idling reduction is a concern for both alternatively fueled vehicles and conventionally fueled ones. It’s the fleet owners’ responsibility to consider investing in diesel idle reduction technology that has low emission, are quiet and keep truck drivers comfortable.
Now, there are different alternatives to idling. Solutions to reduce idling involve a combination of legal, equipment, and technical. The equipment efforts include battery powered air conditioning system.

What is Battery Powered Air Conditioning System

Battery powered systems are not new to the market. It is a kind of mobile on-board technology, specially designed for light-, medium- and heavy duty diesel vehicles, like vans, trucks, trailers etc. As its name implies, the system uses batteries to power a separate electric cooling system (rooftop mounted or rear mounted unit). depending on different designs, the auxiliary air conditioning systems can run on 12v or 24 volt power.
Battery Powered Air Conditioning System
The independent air conditioning unit is installed in the truck cabin to help warm or cool the sleeper without engine idling. It is inexpensive to purchase and maintain, being one of the most cost-effective way to provide cooling no matter the truck is parked. Moreover, the effective system can be the best alternative if the truck air conditioning fails when the truck is in motion.
As summer is around the corner for countries in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the perfect time for truck drivers and fleet owners to shop around for the alternative to idling.

Battery Powered A/C Systems as One of the Best Idling Reduction Technology

Environmental benefits:
The idle reduction system reduces direct vehicle emissions. It has zero emissions, keeps air clean, and reduces impacts of water and air pollution. It doesn’t require idling. During its operation, the battery powered air conditioning system is quiet.

Economic benefits:
The battery powered air conditioning system does not require extra fuel. To a great extend, it will reduce fuel consumption, and cut fuel costs. What’s more, the system is relatively maintenance free. It will lower the annual maintenance lower for the fleet.

Benefits to vehicle operators:
The effective idling reduction technology keeps drivers cool, and takes care of the rest. The driver can select the desired cab temperature using a digital thermostat controller, very easy to operate. The technology help drivers reap the benefits of comfortable sleep environment during their rest periods, and fast payback for a regular cooling need.

Guchen Industry manufactures and provides cost-effective truck sleeper air conditioning without engine idling. The battery powered air conditioning system can be applied on not only commercial road transport vehicles but heavy mobile equipment, such as dumper trucks, excavators, loaders, earthmoving machinery and so on. In hot environments, operators must idle the heavy equipment for health and safety reasons. With the installation and application of high efficiency battery powered A/C unit, it reduces fuel consumption (by more than 30%) and unnecessary engine wearing of equipment idling. Battery powered system is absolutely the best technology solution to reduce idling times.

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