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TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic clutch
TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic clutch

2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch for Valeo TM65 Compressor

TM65 2A2B 260*220
Rated Voltage:
Static friction torque:
Consumed Power:
Max speed:
Application comp.:
Valeo TM65 compressosr

Introduction of TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch

Bus air conditioning electromagnetic clutch is a power transmit device, which is used to connect  engine and air conditioning compressor, generally speaking, it is made up of pulley、coil、hub these three parts. TM65 2A2B 260X200 electromagnetic clutch are our hot sale products,which has been exported to middle East, southeast Asia, Africa, etc and enjoy a good reputation.  
Broad Application of TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch
TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic clutch are mainly used on Valeo TM65 compressor, if your bus air conditioner compressor is Valeo TM65, you can choose TM65 2A2B 260X200 electromagnetic clutch on our website, in addtion, Valeo TM65 2A2B 260*220 are also compatible with Valeo TM65 compressor

Outstanding Advantages of TM65 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch

Competitive price and excellent quality.
Unique electromagnetic clutch design, perfect structure. Beautiful appearance.
It is very durable.

Technical Data of 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch

Model Number TM65 2A2B 260*220
Rated Voltage DC24V
Static friction torque ≥250
Consumed Power ≤62W
Max speed 3800r.p.m
Application comp. Valeo TM65 compressosr

More Information on 2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutch

Concave-groove Centre has Surface Differences
Concave-groove centre surface difference refers to clutch pulley concave-groove centre and engine driving wheel's groove are not in identical plane, leads to drive belt and wheel groove center face forms an angle. According to the compressor's maintenance manual date, the angle should not exceed 20 ℃. As air conditioning's compressor long-time working, high load opearation. Wheel groove center surface difference will appear due to belt wheel axial float, bearing turns to relaxed, pulley end jump, ect other factors. The greater surface difference , the more serious belt pulley and belt's abrasion will be, clutch bearing axial direction's stress increases, finally lead to bearing's early wear. Belt unilateral wear fever fracture, etc. In the clutch maintenance, should check if there is deflection, torsion, dragging, ect phenomenon when belt pulley is rotating, check whether belt is in good condition, if paired belt pulley is at same grade. 
If found the single side, which belt and concave-groove's touch appearance is light bright. It showsboth sides of the belt unevenly stressing and slip, there is surface difference in middle.
It shows both sides of the belt unevenly stressing and slip, there is surface difference in middle.
● Elimination Method: adjust the belt wheel's axial positioning, replace worn wheel bearing, must replace the belt at the same time. 
2A2B 260X200 Electromagnetic Clutches Drawing Picture
Maintenance & Repair
Our product are reliable, we can supply 2- year warranty.
Why Guchen's Clutch
We have large scale factory, advanced technical support, professional after-sales service team, under fierce market competition, continuously introduced advanced technology, at the same time, ensure the quality of products to provide a good shopping experience for customers, products sell well in southeast Asia, European, ect countries around the world. 
We can supply electromagnetic clutch for BOCK, BITZER, UNICLA compressor. In addition to electromagnetic clutch, we also provide van refrigeration unit, rooftop mounted bus air conditioner, bus air conditioner, container truck refrigeration unit, ect. Looking forward to cooperating with you. 
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