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How to Select Refrigerated Truck Units

Jan 26, 2016

● Choosing according to refrigerated compartment body size: choose an independent unit according to refrigerated truck body. Generally speaking, six meters above the envelope is adapted to independent unit, which can be determined according to the size of the envelope of an independent unit length. Less than 6 meters below the envelope should use non-independent unit, the temperature here refers to the bus can reach -20 ℃.

● According to the refrigerated trucks that transported goods temperature requirements: you can use refrigerated units or cryogenic preservation unit. From the price, the cryogenic expensive, relatively inexpensive preservation unit. For cheap preservation unit, the refrigerated units itself does not have a defrost function even if some claim that the preservation unit can reach minus ten degrees, it is an exaggeration.
● Choosing according to the requirement of the refrigerated truck distribution : such as refrigerated truck used for urban point distribution of ice cream, so be sure to select cold storage refrigeration units or independent units, only the far point distribution of long distance or interval in the city, can fits for the fan type refrigeration units.
● According to the refrigerated machine origin and brand: can choose imported or domestic brands. And to tell you, no matter domestic or imported units, it is important to note that the unit of temperature sensor is installed in the evaporator position of return air enough, because the temperature sensors installed in return air or exhaust position, in both cases, the temperature readings will be a difference of 5 ℃.

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