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What is Bus Air Conditioning CAN Control System

Jul 07, 2015
Guchen Industry's bus air conditioning has up to date bus-mastering control technology with independent intellectual property, we adopt CAN bus-mastering control system, which circuit is simple, maintenance is more convenient.


1. CAN Bus-mastering Control System Used in Bus Air Conditioning has the Following Advantages

CAN ( Controller Area Network ) the controller local area network. Due to its high performance, high reliability and unique design, it is widely used in automotive air conditioning.
● Has higher reliability, it can ensure the system perform better;
● Monitoring the working condition real-timely, can make fault processing efficiently and fast;
● Can satisfy the diverse function demand and don't need to modify the hardware, just need to change software.

CAN Bus-mastering Control System

2. Description of Bus Air Conditioning's CAN Bus-mastering Control System

Air conditioning's CAN bus-mastering control system takes microcomputer as control center, combining weather condition of sensor to the inside and outside car, the temperature of the refrigerating cycle, the refrigerant pressure, the wind mode of the bus air conditioner and the start and stop conditions of the compressor ect to monitor real-timely. Also compare with man-made setting temperature. It gives out related control signals for operating the objects in order to achieve the best control and adjustment of the air quality inside the vehicle.  

3. Working Principle of Bus Air Conditioning 's CAN Bus-mastering Control System

Working Principle of Bus Air Conditioning ’s CAN Bus-mastering Control System

4. The Characteristics of CAN Bus-mastering System in Bus Air Conditioning as Following

● Multi host control
When the bus is idle, all units can start sending signals (multi host control), the first visit unit can obtain a priority of sending;

● Message sending
In the CAN protocol, all messages are sent in fixed format. When two or more units start sending information at the same time, priority is decided according to the identifier (hereinafter referred to as the Identifier ID);

● Flexibility of the system
There is no similar "address" information in unit, which connected to the bus. So when increasing unit, other hardware and software units and the application layer, which connected to the bus don't need to change;

● Communication speed
Can be set for communication speed according to the size of the whole network. In the same network, all units must be set into a unified communication speed. Even if there is one unit communication speed different with others', this unit can output error signals to obstruct the entire network communication;

● Remote data request
Request other units to send data by sending "remote frame";

● Error detection function, error notification function, error recovery function
Error detection function, error notification function, error recovery function;

● The fault sealing
CAN system can determine the error type is a temporary data errors on the bus (such as external noise, etc.) or persistent data errors (such as unit internal fault, drive fault, bolt, etc.). when the last data error occurs on the bus, it can separate the unit, which cause the fault from the bus;

● Connection
CAN bus system is a control system that can connect multiple units at the same time.
The air-conditioning CAN bus-mastering control system is independent, inside which there is a special control logic mainly made up of the control panel and the electric box. Please look at the following attached picture:

Bus Air Conditioning’s CAN Control System


5. Main Components, which Controlled by CAN Control System in Bus Air-conditioning

● Control panel of Bus Air conditioner
● Back wiring of air-conditioner control panel
● Air-conditioning top electric control box
● Speed regulation module
● Components of electric control box
● Pressure switch
● Temperature sensor
Magnetic clutch
● Evaporator & condensate fan
● Fresh air unit
● Air-conditioning power control
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