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Guchen Electric Bus Air Conditioning Mounted on HK Trams

Mar 06, 2017
Guchen Industry ES series all electric bus air conditioning mount on Hong Kong trolleybus. Guchen Industry helps Hong Kong Trams Company solve the problems that mount on electric bus air conditioners on their double decker bus!

After 1 years running with Guchen ES series electric bus air conditioner, Guchen units are highly appraised by the local citizens and local mayor, and said that it is so comfortable in the bus compared with before!
guchen electric bus air conditioner on the hk company
PHOTO: Guchen ES Trolleybus Air Conditioner in the HK Trams Company and Ready to Install 
After many times discussion with HK Trams Company engineers, finally we give the sulution to their trams bus air conditioners installation, and it turns out that, this ac units are running well in the local place! 
Guchen sales manager to HK company and discuss the electric bus aircon

Guchen sales manager, Mr. Larry went to HK Trams Company and discuss the electric bus air conditioner project in HK, here is the photo that Larry is with the trams. 
the HK mayor visit HK trams bus air conditioner

After the air conditioners mount on HK trolleybus, the HK mayor and other HK governtment take a try on the trolleybus, and they are very satisfied with  the " new" bus air conditioner conditions! 
guchen all electric bus air conditioners on HK trams

This trams is called as “Ding Ding Ding” trolleybus, have ever served the local citizens for over 110 years, and now in order to improve the bus condition to give citizens a comfortable bus experience, this trolleybus mount on Guchen ES series electric bus air conditioners! Citizens enjoy the cool air while thumb the “new” bus!

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