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Professional Guidance of How to Purchase Refrigerated Truck

Apr 24, 2015

As an important and indispensable component in cold chain logistics transportation, refrigerated truck is the necessary means of transport. Without standard truck refrigeration unit and refrigerated body as the key parts of refrigerated truck, it is difficult to say guarantee the safety and quality of food during multi-regional transport process. So it is crucial for buyers to purchase high quality transport refrigerated truck. Then how to purchase? Our technical specialists suggest your purchase should be based on the following three aspects.

refrigerated truck
independent refrigeration unit with truck

Ⅰ. Selection of refrigerated truck chassis

Selection of chassis is relatively easy. Regardless of tonnage, truck chassis by homemade or imported, we only can choose the chassis which meets truck sales announcement by government regulation. For the truck chassis, according to users’ own economic power and personal preference, there is no essential differences between purchasing refrigerated body and delegating manufacturers.


Ⅱ. Selection of truck refrigeration body

Different products need to be transported by different refrigerated bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to identify the quality of frozen transport refrigeration units and bodies. Such as, truck body refrigerator refrigerated body for fresh meat needs to be pined hooks in the truck body; distribution for stores with diversity and small quantities, the frozen truck with multiple temperature zones is much better and more popular ( Guchen’s monoblock refrigeration units supports multi-temperature refrigerated truck ); thickness of refrigerated truck body that is used for transporting ice cream should be thicker than general refrigerated truck, etc. Therefore, basing on specific needs and requirements, users can customize from specialized manufactures by themselves. Guchen offers the customized refrigerator body service according to your actual demands.

truck refrigeration unit

Ⅲ. Selection of refrigerated truck refrigeration units

1. According to the dimension of refrigerated body to select: 
Customer can choose non-independent truck refrigeration units and independent truck refrigeration units. The capacity of the refrigerated truck is the decisive factor for choosing  direct engine drive refrigeration unit or diesel engine refrigeration unit. Generally speaking, selecting diesel engine refrigeration units is better for the length of body more than 6 meters. Choosing which kinds of refrigeration units should be based on the length of truck body. On the contrary, choosing non-independent refrigeration units is more reasonable if the length of truck body is less than 6 meters. No matter which kinds of refrigeration units you choose, the temperature in truck refrigerated body both can reach 20℃ below zero.  
2. According to products temperature requirement in refrigerated truck transport process to select:
Deep-cooling unit and fresh-cooling unit can be choosed. From the aspect of price, deep-cooling unit ismore expensive than fresh unit. For cheaper fresh unit, it cannot finish defrosting by itself. Although some fresh unit suppliers exaggerate fresh unit can reach tens of degrees below zero,these words are unbelievable. 
truck refrigeration unit and refrigerated body
The following table is a list of the temperature requirements of some common goods during transportation for your reference. For specific temperature, please adjust the temperature to meet  requirements of the carriers and products receiver. More information about setting the cold transport temperature, please refer to: Temperature Setting of Cold Chain Transport
Descriptions Temperature setting range Running mode
Banana 15℃ 60 F Continuous
Fruit and vegetables 4℃ to 6℃ 39F to 43F Continuous
Fresh meat or sea food 2℃ 36F Auto.start, or continuous
Dairy 2℃ to 6℃ 36F to 43F Auto.start, or continuous
Ice -20℃ -4F Auto.start,
Frozen fruit or vegetables -18℃ 0F Auto.start,
Frozen meat or sea food -20℃ -4F Auto.start,
Ice cream -25℃ -13F Auto.start,

3. According to distribution range of refrigerated truck to select:
If refrigerated truck is used to point-by-point distribution ice cream in the city, it is necessary to choose fan type refrigeration unit, diesel engine refrigeration unit can be used for long distance distribution.

4. According to the original places and brands of refrigeration unit:
Truck reefer units purchasers can choose imported brands or domestic ones. Guchen's truck refrigeration units are under ISO1990:2008 and CE certification. As supplementary, whether homemade or imported truck refrigeration units, temperature sensor should be sure to install in the position of evaporator’s returning air. Because the different installation places between air returning and air outlet, they will make a differential of 5℃ display. All of guchen’s units temperature sensors can meet the professional standard.

V. Choosing the right installation place of truck refrigeration unit

Installation place of refrigeration unit should be based on the truck type. Generally speaking, selecting roof-top mount refrigeration units or front-mount truck refrigeration units is more common. As a professional truck refrigeration units supplier and manufacture, the units produced by Guchen Industry can be installed by many methods, like front-mount, roof-toping, under-mounted,etc to meet your indeed needs. The usual three installation methods are detailed introduced in this article: Direct Driven Truck Refrigeration Units.

Basing on all the above references, after choosing chassis, refrigeration unit and refrigerated body, manufactures will produce refrigerated trucks in accordance with buyers’ requirements. In addition, their professional sales will handle for fee, insurance and licensing, and all purchase procedures for buyers. All these procedures finished, users can directly drive refrigerated truck and transport goods on the road.

Zhengzhou Guchen Industry is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in researching and producing cold chain logistics transport refrigeration unit and refrigerated body with energy-saving and environmental friendly in favorable price. We not only always make our refrigeration unit and body maintain with the international market level, but also guarantee products quality, shorten deliver period and timely provide efficient after-sales service .

We, Guchen Industry, expect the establishment of cooperation and partnership with you!
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