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Solutions to Guchen Customers’ Air Conditioning Related Problems

Dec 25, 2020

Animal Control Vans Air Conditioning

We are a vehicle upfitter and looking for a 12 volt rooftop air conditioner for Animal control vans. Looking for something that will keep the inside of the van cool while vehicle engine is on or off.
Please advise what models you recommend.
Thank you.
air conditioning of animal control vans
In animal/pet transport, climate control system is necessary for animal safety. Animal control vans must be able to provide sufficient air ventilation, and air conditioning/heating to the animal housing areas.
Guchen Industry provides several different models of 12v air conditioner for van. Each unit is driven by 12V/24V DC battery power. For those who are interested in a DC12V model for rooftop application while the animal control van is moving, Guchen recommends Ecooler 2400 unit.

Ecooler 2400 DC12V unit
◆It is equipped with temperature control system which maintain the van at a constant temperature.
◆ 8,200 BTU/h air conditioning, 6,900 BTU/h heat
◆ It can achieve both climate control and humidity control at the same time.
◆ It is a self contained 12V DC rooftop air conditioning unit for mounting on top of your animal control vans.
◆ Driven by electric scroll compressor, low noise (best for animals), low energy cost.



Semi Truck Air Conditioning & Heating

Hello and happy holidays .
I’ve been looking into putting one of your truck AC units on my semi truck. Do they also come with a heater option ?
How does the install work for an electric APU?
What is the price range I’d be looking at ?
During summer days, the semi truck cab is getting a bit hot. It is time to install your truck with a proper air conditioning system or replace your truck’s existing HVAC.
The roof of semi truck cabin is always sloppy and short, therefore a rooftop unit may not be a better alternative. Here Guchen Industry would like to recommend Rear Back Cain A/C Unit Ecooler 2600
Rear Back Cain AC Unit Ecooler 2600
◆ It is an effective electrical AC solution for truck owners to install in the rear.
◆ The 12 volt rear cab mount unit helps keep the air in the cab fresh.
◆ Heating function is available.
◆ We are the top choice of back wall mounted semi truck air conditioners.
◆ Please mail to for its latest quotation now.


Versatile 12V Parking Air Conditioner

Hi, I am looking RV, Van and truck 12V parking air conditioner. Mostly I install roof AC so would you be able to send me some info about your roof mounted 12V parking AC units please.

What is a parking AC?

A parking air conditioning is a self-contained unit that is powered by the vehicle’s battery/electrical system.

It works totally independently of the truck/van’s engine, which means that it can solve some ignoring problems faced by truck drivers, for example extremely uncomfortable conditions during engine-off periods, high fuel consumption for vehicle engine idling etc.
Guchen 12V parking A/C unit is a versatile system applicable for many kinds of vehicles like van, truck, semi truck, RV etc. Guchen roof mounted 12V units include Ecooler 2400, Ecooler 3200, Airpro 4000.
12V parking AC unit
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