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Top 6 Benefits of Guchen’s Parking Air Conditioners

May 06, 2021

Basic Introduction on Main Parts of Guchen Parking Air Conditioner

Electric compressor: It is directly driven by the power source, using the most advanced electric scroll technology. It has the following benefits:
electric compressor in 12v air conditioner
◆low vibration
◆small occupation size
◆low noise
◆light weight
◆high volumetric efficiency
◆cooling capacity can reach more than 2.0kw-4kw
◆power consumption ≤1kw
The electric compressor in 12V air conditioners could achieve large cooling capacity with a rather low electric power consumption.

Controller: adopting sine wave field-oriented control (FOC) technology. It is with high driving efficiency, great heat dissipation and high reliability. The controller is with multiple perfect protection mechanism: over-current protection, high/low pressure protection, high temperature protection and low temp anti-freezing protection etc.
It enables to provide super torque and strict battery current limit. It can work under relatively small battery current conditions and provide smooth speed capability. The orthogonal change of sine wave control and rotor position calculation technology overcomes the problem of unbalanced magnetic field distribution of the motor, so that the torque of the motor is always stable and noise is reduced.
truck parking air conditioner for various applications
Guchen’s parking air conditioners are available for trucks, fire trucks, semi trucks, vans, forklifts, compost turners, combine harvesters, tractors, cranes, RVs, ambulances, and other no idle applications. The most suitable air-conditioning system can be matched according to the needs of different models of customers.


Top 6 Benefits of Guchen DC Inverter Electric Air Conditioner

1. Cost-saving, Energy-saving and Environmental Protection

The traditional air-conditioning compressor is driven by the engine, which consumes a lot of fuel and has a high cost. While the DC air conditioner is directly driven by the on-board DC power supply, which has strong reliability and low failure rate.
It can work completely independently when your vehicle is turned off, without pollution. You can get 3-8 hours of running an air conditioner on battery power, with obvious economic benefits. The advanced inverter technology makes Guchen electric air conditioner a more energy-saving and electricity-saving system.

2. Designed with Perfect Security-related Mechanisms

Guchen parking air conditioners have as under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, high and low voltage protection, high temperature protection, and low temperature anti-freezing protection.
It is intelligent enough to automatically detect the battery voltage. When the battery voltage is too low, the system will automatically stop, so there is no need to worry about the vehicle engine being unable to start.
Security-related Mechanisms of 12v air conditioner

3. Integrated Cooling and Heating Functions, Diverse Functions, High Cooling Efficiency

The cooling capacity of all our 12V 24V air conditioners are listed below:
Model Cooling Capacity Heating Option Installtion
Ecooler2400 2,400W Integrated, roof mounted
Ecooler3200 3,200W Integrated, roof mounted
Ecooler2600 2,600W Split, rear mounted
Airpro2000 2,600W Split, rear mounted
Airpro4000 2,400W Integrated, roof mounted
DC-10E 10,000W Integrated, roof mounted

 The cooling capacity can reach more than 2.3kw, which can effectively meet the cooling needs of 5-8m³space. All our parking air conditioners can be equipped with heating, purification and other functions. Custom design is available at Guchen Industry.
guchen's parking air conditioner

4. All Parts are Customized from the Original Factory, Durable and Reliable.

High-end customized controller: permanent magnet DC brushless, 24 tube high current, high temperature resistance, good shock resistance, strong waterproof and sealing performance;
Parallel flow condenser: good heat dissipation effect, large heat exchange;
High power motor fan: good heat dissipation effect, reliable and stable operation.
Guchen 12V air conditioners are designed and developed specifically for the use characteristics and working environment of various large trucks and all construction machinery.
Two outdoor models (rooftop mounted integrated model, rear wall mounted split model) can be selected. The owner can choose the AC style according to their vehicle models and space dimensions.

5. Strong Technical Support, Perfect Detection Mechanism, Installation and After-sale Service Guarantee

At present, the market of parking air conditioners is relatively chaotic. Some of them are assembled in small workshops, low-cost with low quality, high failure rate, lack of quality control and after-sale guarantee.
The core component of the electric air conditioning system is an electric compressor. Guchen Industry is one of the earliest China manufacturers of electric AC compressors (24v-600v) and 12V 24v parking air conditioners, with rich experience and reliable technology.
Guchen Industry integrates user thinking through the entire process of R&D, manufacturing, products, after-sales services, and ecology. We provide installation video guidance, and graphic introduction, etc.

6. Wide Range of Applications

Application of Guchen 12V 24V parking air conditioners: all kinds of trucks, excavators, loaders, mining traction locomotives, freighters, steam cranes, RVs, yachts, construction machinery, and the retrofitting & modification of trucks etc.
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