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Top 5 Applications of Guchen Self-Contained 12V 24V Air Conditioner

Sep 24, 2020
12V 24V DC air conditioners are the top selling units in Guchen industry. Visitors to show great interests in the small DC powered commercial vehicle AC unit. We receive lots of business inquiries relating to 12v 24v system everyday. Customers send us inquiry email to ask Guchen to give them more details about our products, services. They want to know the exact information on the cost, installation, delivery time, and after-sale service of Guchen 12v 24v air conditioning kits.
We have handled thousands of customer inquiries during the past several years. And, we enjoy that. We guided our customers to choose the most cost-effective model for their vehicles. We provide them with technical support on the installation of the DC air conditioners. We offer the strongest backup with great after-sale service. All the efforts pushed Guchen finishing more orders in the past few years.
The reason why people would like to choose Guchen’s self-contained air conditioners is that our DC powered units have super wide applications. The more vehicles an air conditioner can be installed on, the more popular it will become.

Guchen 24 volt/12v Air Conditioner can be used for

1). Truck cabin

24 volt air conditioner for truck cab Truck Cabin AC Units

12 volt/ 24 volt air conditioner used on truck cabin is also called “No-idle A/C system” or “Truck parking cooler” Such systems can be installed on the roof or rear wall of truck cabin. 3 models for customers to choose from: Ecooler 2400, Ecooler 2600, Ecooler 3200.
All of them are fully DC powered by 12 volt /24 volt, with very low energy consumption, but high cooling performance. The truck parking cooler provides drivers with comfortable environment.
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Guchen battery powered AC system is also the most effective idling reduction technology.
truck parking cooler

Customer Inquiries on Truck Cabin AC Units:
◆ Ecooler 2600: “does this work off of battery and is it an air conditioner that cools without water it is for a semi. how much is it. does it hook to the air con in the truck? or is it just to the battery?”
◆ Ecooler 2400: “am seeking to purchase a set of 12v and 24v air condition units for trucks. Please send email with types and prices as soon as possible.”
◆ Ecooler 2400: “Need a quote on a unit for a single cab semi truck”
◆ Ecooler 2600: “KINDLY quote to us: ECOOLER 2600 24v DC truck air conditioner GUCHEN 800 BTU qty:2 appreciate your quick reply. thank you!”
◆ “I want to buy one battery powered AC for my boyfriend who works in a UPS truck with no air conditioning. I am scared he will get a heat stroke. It reaches the 120s in temperature out here.”
If you also wanna know more details on the truck cabin air conditioner, please feel free to

2). Van

12v Air Conditioner for Van 12v dc air-conditioning system Ecooler2400 series

Customer Inquiries on 12v Air Conditioner for Van:
◆ Ecooler 2400: “I’m inquiring about your Ecooler 2400 series. I have a Sprinter Van RV that currently has a Coleman rooftop mounted unit. Could you send me the installation instructions so I can verify it’ll work with what I currently have. Thank you”
◆ Ecooler 2400: “It's available or not in India. I need 12v dc air-conditioning system in my van”
◆ “Can you please tell me if you have a unit for Vans? I looking for an AC unit that would run on a 12 V system with an integrated compressor.”
◆ “Hello, we are looking for a self contained 12v dc rooftop air conditioning unit for mounting on top of cargo vans, we will like to know if you have this kind of product and if we can become a distributor for USA. Please let us know.Thanks ”

3). Construction machinery

12V 24V air conditioner for construction equipment 12 volt AC unit for cranes 24 volt self contained ac unit

12V 24V air conditioner can be widely applied to construction machinery, such as cranes, compost turners, earthmoving equipment, excavator, loader etc. No matter how high the ambient temperature is, Guchen units have been well tested and showed its great cooling performance in countries like Saudi Arabia.
◆ “We are looking at installing units on truck cranes. Please send technical data so we can make a decision. Is a dealer in he U.S.? Thanks”
PS: We have dealer in the United States. For the contact info. of our U.S. agency, please mail to
◆ “Looking for 12 volt A/C unit to mount on the back of our 4 door 2012 International 4300 tractor. ”
◆ “looking for a 24 volt self contained ac unit that would fit on a John Deere Grader”

4). Agricultural equipment

12v 24v agricultural vehicles AC unit

Any combine harvesters with enclosed cab can be installed with Guchen 12v 24v air conditioner. If your tractor, crop sprayers or combine harvester is not equipped with built-in air conditioner, or it’s not working, Guchen Ecooler series agricultural vehicle air conditioner will be a preferred choice. With small occupation and easy installation, the 12v 24v tractor air conditioner has been the top-selling units in 2019. Never let a problem in your vehicle’s air conditioning system affect your day to day workload.

Customer Inquiries on 12v 24v agricultural vehicles AC unit
◆ Ecooler 2600: “Wanted to check price and availability on a 12 volt eco 2600 system for my semi tractor.”
◆ “Good day! I found your product a possible solution for our long time problem with air conditioning powered by hydraulics system. We are using air conditioning system for our agricultural tractors and mobile sprayers. With this, I would like to know more of the technical data and the cost of the product (12V Parking Truck Air Conditioner). Should you recommend other product that would be suitable for our use, you may suggest other items.Looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.”

5). Special Vehicles

DC powered air conditioning system for special vehicles

The picture showed that 20 sets order of DC powered air conditioning system installed on Patrol van last year. Besides police van, Guchen units can also be used on ambulance, and other special vehicles. Our 12v 24v air conditioners are produced in different versions, accordingly to the customer request.
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