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What we improve to All-electric Bus Air Conditioners?

Dec 26, 2016
New energy bus air conditioners are more popular and acceptable nowadays with people’s awareness of Eco-friendly increasing. For years, Guchen Industry as the bus air conditioner supplier in China has improved the electric bus air conditioner a lot to conform to the world’s tension.

As for now, we have two choices for our customers: the DC types and AC types of electric bus air conditioner system for different requirement.

Guchen Industry can supply two models of all electric bus air conditioner system:
  • DC Variable Frequency All-electric Bus Air Conditioner
  • AC Variable Frequency All-electric Bus Air Conditioner 

Tips: GUCHEN's All-electric Bus Air Conditioners can applicate for electric buses with 6~18 meter length.
Guchen All Electric bus air conditioners
PHOTO:Guchen Industry EZDS-04 All Electric Bus Air Conditioners

What we improve to All-electric Bus Air Conditioners?

  1. Wight for 12 meter Electric Bus from traditional 400KG decreased to 245KG.
  2. Length for 12 meter Electric Bus is controlled to less than 3 meter.
  3. Intelligent control model PI reduces the temperature range, and save more than 15% energy.
  4. Housing and cover are made of SMC and LFT material; meanwhile made by mould pressing technology; ensure that the emissions of harmful substances are below the national standard.
  5. Efficient Air Purification System Guchen has air purification devices with intellectual property rights, which contain functions of effective dust collection, sterilization and odor removal action.
Tips: Patent No.: ZL201220481896.6
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