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How to Buy Bus Air Conditioner Online?

Apr 28, 2020
Nowadays, it is possible to buy, sell or trade-in almost everything online from anywhere in the world, as the internet drives revolutionary changes in commodity transaction. Thanks to the rapid development of modern logistics industry, it creates a new growth point for the development of online international trade which includes Bus HVAC Systems Online Trading.
Although buyers can visit dozens of online bus air conditioner dealerships without ever leaving home, there is still a lot of work to be done to promise a successful online trade, for example:
◆ How to find a reliable bus air conditioner manufacturer online and purchase directly from them?
◆ How to find the right bus A/C unit from various models that suppliers provide?
Today, in this article, Guchen Industry will give you some pieces of advice when you are trying to find dealer online, and hope the article will help you buy suitable bus air conditioner online successfully.
thermoking cost much more than guchen industry

Set a Budget

Setting a budget will help you filter out unsuitable bus air conditioner online suppliers.
Prices of brand new bus air conditioning system vary from supplier to supplier. Famous bus A/C manufacturers/suppliers in the world mainly are ThermoKing, Valeo, Konvekta, Guchen, Webasto, Denso etc. Generally speaking, the costs of bus A/C systems are less expensive in China than in Europe and America, such as prices of ThermoKing A/C (America manufacturer) are higher than Guchen Units (China manufacturer). For most buyers, once set a budget, it’s not hard for them to find suitable suppliers within budget from tremendous online information.
Guchen bus air conditioner manufacturer

Buy from Manufacturer or Distributor?

Factories with strong financial strength tend to set up distribution centers in foreign countries, to market their products in the target markets. In bus air conditioning industry, manufacturers like ThermoKing, Guchan Industry, also have dealerships in Middle East, North America, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific. A foreign distributor focuses on a particular area (like in Russia) and market that allows them to cultivate strong relationships with bus A/C system manufacturers.
If buying from a bus air conditioner distributor or sales agent, buyer can get details from a local dealer with training and merchandising services, which will be helpful and add the most value to the buyer’s business.
With new bus air conditioner purchase, buyer should talk to a local dealer to get full information on specific models, colors and features.
If buying directly from the manufacturer, bus air conditioner buyers will have a lower cost by going direct to the source.
Moreover, manufacturer has the capabilities to make something as per the buyer’s request, so it is possible for the buyer to get customized products and service.
Lastly, manufacturer has a full list of bus A/C spare parts. It will be easier to get warranty replacements going direct.
bus ac spare parts
For large scale purchase, such as school bus retrofit program, it is recommended to buy from the bus air conditioning manufacturer to save a large sum of money. Bus body builders can also directly purchase from factory, as they are with strong technical support and know about bus A/C systems inside and out. For those who want to keep a long-term cooperation with manufacturer, it will be better to take a factory tour to 1) show them your serious about your project; 2) talk face to face and go into the manufacturing process; 3) be familiar with the product range; 4) build sustainable relationship.
models of Guchen bus air conditioner

Find the Right Bus A/C Model

There are different types of models and designs in the bus HVAC industry. How to find the best model to fit your bus? Here comes 4 key parameters which will affect your final choice of bus A/C.
◆ Bus length
Bus air conditioning manufacturer offers different models to fit different bus length. Buyer should know exactly the length of their buses before purchasing A/C unit online. Bus length will help you figure out what air conditioner you want, and then online searching a corresponding model. No matter how long or short your bus is, you will absolutely find a perfect model to fit your needs and budget.
Taking Guchen bus air conditioner as example, if your bus length is between 10-12m, BD-06 unit will be a suitable one to fit your bus. If you are owning a minibus with 6m length, BD-03 model is a perfect one to be installed on the minibus.
BD series unit
◆ Compressor driven type
We all know that there are several kinds of bus A/C systems which mainly include sub engine driven type (for traditional bus), vehicle engine driven unit (for traditional bus) and electrically driven system (for all-electric bus).
You can read more information of difference of these three types of bus A/C here. “which type to choose” is up to the buyer.
◆ Installation
In general, air conditioning system can be installed on the top or at the rear of a bus. Rooftop mounted unit is the most widely-used system in the world. Rear mounted bus air conditioner is usually used for double deck/ double-layer bus.
At Guchen Industry, GD Series bus aircon system is a back mounted unit for double deck city bus. Combined with the world’s top leading compressor - Bock compressor, the GD product make for energy efficient performance. Besides, multiple rooftop systems, like SD series, are available for all buses and coach. The roof mounted compact A/C units have a high cooling capacity of 37.2 kw.
◆ Cooling capacity
Online bus air conditioner suppliers have a complete capacity range from moderate to desert climates. If the buyer live in an area with hot temperatures such as in the Middle East, BD series system will be a better choice for them to purchase online.
Series BD-01 BD-03 BD-04 BD-05 BD-06
Application 7-8m 7-8m 8-9.5m 9-11.5m 10-13m
Cooling Capacity(kcal/h) 18000 22000 24000 28000 32000
Max ambient temperature(℃) 50 50 50 50 50

All those four factor should be taken into consideration when you are planning to buy bus air conditioning system online.
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