The Secret of Guchen Transport Refrigeration Units High Temperature Resisting


Guchen Industry transport refrigeration units, especially pickup truck refrigeration units are very hot sale in hot area, such as Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Pakistan, and India and etc.

So what is the secret of Guchen transport refrigeration units high temperature resisting?

That is because Guchen transport refrigeration units adding a CPR valve and liquid injection valve can protect the reefer compressors from breaking or explosion compared with other brands even in the ambient temperature is up to 50℃!

transport refrigeration units CPR valve and liquid injection valve

PHOTO: Transport refrigeration unit CPR valve (left) and liquid injection valve (right)

The Transport Refrigeration Units High Temp. Resisting Principle 


Adding CPR value and liquid injection valve can decrease the pressure of compressor, stabilize the steam flow between evaporator outlet and compressor inlet, cool down the temperature, protect compressor, and extend the units working life.

After thousands of times of high temperature test, collecting feedbacks from customers, and studying marketing demands, Guchen Industry improves the units a lot. So with the CPR value and liquid injection valve, customers are no longer worried about the transport refrigeration unit broken or explosion in the hot ambient temperature.

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