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FAQs on DC-10E Rooftop Van Air Conditioner

May 13, 2021
Guchen Industry offers not only the electric bus air conditioner, truck cabin air conditioner, but also van air conditioners from around the world. Through the hundreds of kits Guchen Industry is offering on the online catalogue, DC-10E is one of the best selling rooftop van air conditioner. Here we conclude some of the most frequently asked quotations on Guchen DC-10E unit, and hope it will do you a favor before your purchasing.
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Frequently Asked Questions on DC-10E Van Air Conditioner

Q: Is it a Battery Powered Air Conditioner or Engine Driven one?
A: DC-10E is a 12V/24V rooftop air conditioner for van. Compared with other battery powered systems, DC-10E is with a rather large cooling capacity which could reach to 10KW. Therefore, DC-10E model is a better alternative for all vans, with high cooling efficiency.
Q: Is Your DC-10E model with Heating Function?
A: YES. Guchen DC-10E has optional heating function, PTC heating technology. It can be added for your needs. If you are looking for an integrated cooling and heating van air conditioner, DC-10E will be the best choice among all Guchen Industry’s van AC units.
Q: What is DC-10E Unit made by?
A: It is 100% made by Guchen Industry with years of rich experience in battery powered van air conditioners. Every single unit has been well machine tested for any imperfections before being delivered to our customers. We also sell spare parts, with rich experience in fitting aftermarket parts. That is to say, if its warranty period has expired, you can also buy tiny spare parts from Guchen, and promise its normal operation. If you require any further information on any parts, we will be happy to help.
Tips: If your air conditioner is not working, an experienced technician is required to discover and fix the issue. After that, contacting with the sales person firstly and ask him/her for the exact information of the broken spare parts.
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Q: Is it Possible to be Your Distributor in my Local, for DC-10E model only?
A: YES, of course. An application should be written firstly if you wanna be our sole agency in your local. Actually with the rapid growing of our overseas business, Guchen Industry keeps trying to find reliable partner around the world. If you have a clear knowledge on your local HVAC market, or have been in this industry for years, please feel free to drop us an email: Read more information here: To Be Guchen’s Distributor.
Q: Can I Buy DC-10E Van Air Conditioner Directly from you?
A: Well, it depends. It’s better to purchase from your local distributor if we have one, for overnight delivery and highly specialized after-sales service. If we don’t have one there, yes please contact us for pricing.
Q: What about the Warranty Period?
A: Guchen Industry supplies a one year warranty period for all our 12V 24V air conditioners, including DC-10E model, Ecooler2400, Ecooler2600, Ecooler3200 model etc. from the date of original purchase.
Q: Can I have a Discount?
A: We might offer a discount to clients buying a certain complete kits from us. Please contact us with your specific requirements, we will see what we can do for your and confirm if the large order is available.
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