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Utilization of Soft Starter in Guchen Electric Bus A/C Compressor Applications

Jun 24, 2020
With the gradual increase in the market share of electric buses, manufacturers need to deep their cooperation with customers to dig out more diversified customer needs, so as to master the changing bus market.
Since the launch of the all-electric air conditioner, the electric AC market is becoming more and more stable and mature during years of tests, market feedback, rectification and improvement. In the past few years, Guchen Industry has been devoting to set standards of electric AC spare parts selection, to improve the whole air-con system performance, to upgrade both the hardware and software, and to optimize the aircon system’s control logic.
es-04 electric bus air conditioning

In recent years, customers have also put forward higher requirements for pure electric bus air conditioning system, especially in terms of low failure rate, comfort, intelligence and efficiency. After a long period of research and exploration, Guchen Air Conditioning has developed a set of effective intelligent control integration technology for pure electric air conditioners. The core technology is the soft starting of the compressor.

What is Soft Starter?

A soft starter is a device used with compressor motors to greatly reduce stress and heat generated in the electric current surge of motor during start-up. When compressor starts, the starting current of the motor can be much higher than the nominal current, which will cause damage to the unit. A soft starter can reduces inrush start-current, and prevents the electric bus A/C compressor from 1) over heating; 2) motor reversal; 3) stalling; 4) mechanical shock, thus extending the service life of compressor and motor.
It is widely applied in not only electric bus air conditioner compressor, but also pump or fan etc.
electric bus ac compressor

Utilization of Soft Starter in Guchen Electric Bus A/C Compressor

The modern electric bus industry requires large compressor in high power range. The commonly used constant-speed starting method generally implies in the field of electric vehicle air conditioning. The high starting current can affect the bus driven equipment, or cause problems such as voltage drop and in some cases uncontrolled shutdown, reducing process reliability.
The disadvantages can be overcome by using a soft starting solution to the bus air conditioner compressor.
soft starting of air conditioner compressor
The soft staring method of the compressor is successfully applied to Guchen pure electric air conditioner, which, to a great extend, reduces the vibration and noise of the fixed frequency startup during the compressor start up process. In the meantime, soft starting reduces the impact on the electrical system and battery impact, and improves the life and reliability of the electrical system and battery. Electric bus A/C compressor takes much advantage from soft starting.
For an electric bus air conditioning system, the soft starting solution becomes super essential in providing a more reliable, flexible and safe start-up.
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