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How to maintain the new energy car air conditioning

May 09, 2018

Problem 1 - Air conditioning refrigeration is poor:

Under this circumstance, the method is to draw out the refrigerant from the air conditioning system and maintain a negative pressure of 1 bar. Wait 24 hours to see if the air pressure in the system is maintained at about -1 bar. If the air pressure rises significantly, there is a leak in the air conditioning system and further disassembly inspections are required. If the air conditioning system does not leak, then we can add the appropriate amount of refrigerant according to the vehicle model.
Question 2 - The air conditioner is not cooling at all:
In this case, replacing the compressor is the main task. Replacing the compressor requires first evacuating the air conditioning system refrigerant and then replacing the compressor. After replacing the compressor, it is also necessary to check the air-conditioning system tightness and fill the refrigerant.
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electric bus ac compressor

Problem 3 - Unknown gas emerges from the air outlet:
This happens because the evaporator inside the center console has leaked and can only replace the air conditioner evaporator inside the center console.

Question 4 - Air conditioning abnormal sound
Air conditioning abnormal sounds include abnormal sounds in the air conditioning system and abnormal noises in the air conditioning system. The internal noise is generally the presence of air or moisture in the system refrigerant. The external noise is generally the abnormal noise of the air conditioner compressor. The compressor can be replaced.
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