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Top 5 Durable Quality Air Conditioners for Van Cooling 2023

Feb 03, 2023
Van air conditioners are air conditioning units that are specifically designed to be installed in vans and other vehicles(RV, Bus, Caravan, Truck, Tractor, Boat, etc.) for cooling or heating the interior. These AC units often feature robust motors and special ductwork to ensure that the interior of the vehicle remains cool and comfortable.

In this article, Guchen Industry will share with you the top 5 list of best rooftop air conditioners for vans in 2023.

How to keep the inside of the van cool in summer?

● Hang a damp rag over the van's center air vent.
● Driving with wet hair.
● Frozen water bottles are used as ice packs.
● Keep in the shade.
● Use the dashboard cover.
● Keep the windows slightly cracked.
● Buy a solar-powered mini fan.

All of the above methods can keep your car cool in the summer, but the quickest and most effective way is to have a van air conditioner. When you have a van air conditioner, there is no time limit and no space limit. As long as the car is started and the preset temperature is adjusted, the temperature inside the car can be quickly cooled to a comfortable temperature.

If you want to keep the van cool, please refer to the following 5 van air conditioners recommended by Guchen Industry for you.

1. DC-10E 12V Small Rooftop AC for Van

2. Ecooler2600 Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner

3. Ecooler3800 220V RV Air Conditioner

4. Airpro2000 Cheap DC Powered Van AC Unit

5. GC-03 Engine Driven Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit for Van, Truck and Tractor

6. Price of van air conditioner

7. Should the van air conditioner be 12v or 24v?

8. How to install an air conditioner?

1. DC-10E 12V Large Rooftop AC for Van

large rooftop van ac
large rooftop van ac Powerful cooling: The first one on our list is the Guchen DC-10E Large Van Roof AC Unit. This is a very durable and powerful air conditioner that is capable of cooling down a van of any size within minutes. It comes with a 30,000 BTU cooling capacity due to its powerful dual compressors which is more than enough to cool your van on hot days.

This air conditioner comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature to your liking. The fan speed can also be adjusted using the remote control, which makes it easier to use this air conditioner while driving or parked at home.

DC powered: It's really easy to install, just connect it to your 12V or 24V power source and you are ready to go! It will cool down your van in no time and make your ride more enjoyable even if it’s hot outside! 

2. Ecooler2600 Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner

Ecooler2600 truck sleeper air conditioner
Ecooler2600 truck sleeper air conditioner 8,870 BTU air conditioner with back-wall mount design, electronic control panel and remote control

The Ecooler2600 is a rear-mounted split air conditioner designed for trucks, semi trucks, vans and other vehicles with sleeper cabins. This unit comes with a compact design and offers superior cooling performance at an affordable price point. It uses a high-quality 12v a/c compressor with less noise generation and longer lifespan under normal use conditions.

Cooling only: If you want to use this AC for summer only, then it will be a great choice for you as well because it has 3 speed modes, which means you can choose the speed mode according to your need.

The Ecooler2600 features heavy-duty construction materials that ensure durability and long service life even under harsh driving conditions such as rough terrains or mountain roads. It will last for years before needing replacement parts or repair work done on it.


3. Ecooler3800A 220V RV Air Conditioner

220V RV air conditioner
220V RV air conditioner The Ecooler3800A is a perfect 220V RV air conditioner designed for recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, travel trailers or camper vans. This product is powered by 220V. It has a cooling capacity of 10,850 BTU, ensuring cooling effect at high temperature.

To cool down large spaces quickly: The a/c unit comes with dual-fan design. This helps it to cool more efficiently than other models that only have one fan. The built-in internal fan helps you to circulate the air inside your van quickly so that you can feel comfortable in any kind of weather. The airflow is adjustable and you can easily control it with the remote control. It also has a digital display, which allows you to adjust the temperature any time.
220v camper van air conditioner
Heating function: Another thing I like about this 220V air conditioner is that it has heating function. The built-in heater can heat up to 2000 watts. You can use this unit as your heater during winter time or when you go camping in cold weather conditions.

Warranty: This product has an ultra-compact & slim design which makes it easy to be installed on top of your van rooftop. It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts from date of purchase against manufacturer defects. 
PS: This unit comes with an instruction manual which makes everything easier for you.
220v camper van air conditioner


4. Airpro2000 Cheap DC Powered Van AC Unit

airpro2000 cheap van ac
airpro2000 cheap van ac Airpro2000 model is perfect for those who are looking for an efficient way to cool down their vans without spending too much money on professional A/C units.

Battery powered AC: The Airpro2000 uses 12 volts (24v available) of electricity so it can run off your vehicle battery without any issues. This means that there will be no need to worry about running out of power while using this unit outside your vehicle because it will run directly off whatever battery power you have available at that time. It is with an LED display that shows real-time temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Remote control: The fan speed can also be adjusted by using the remote control so you can choose how much airflow is produced by the unit's cooling system based on what type of temperature you prefer at any given moment during use.

Cheap at the price: Airpro2000 is one of the most popular ac units among van owners because it’s very affordable. It costs less than $550 online and it will give you many years of reliable service! If you want an affordable but high-quality air conditioner, then Airpro2000 is definitely the one to get. 


5. GC-03 Engine Driven Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

GC-03 Engine Driven Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit
GC-03 Engine Driven Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit This is another great option if you want to cool down your van while on the road.

If your van doesn't have an air conditioner, GC-03 model can be installed to cool down the van compartment quickly. It is an engine direct-driven aftermarket tractor air conditioning kits that will provide you with up to 12,000 BTU/hr of cooling power. The unit can be installed by anyone who is familiar with basic automotive repair or maintenance skills.

87cc 5H11 compressor: The GC-03 model comes with a strong compressor which ensures that the operation of this air conditioning unit is smooth and quiet. It also provides maximum cooling efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

The cooling coils are made from hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube, which improve heat transfer efficiency, keeping the temperatures low and stable. And the condenser unit is with better heat dissipation performance than other models on the market.

6. Price of van air conditioner

The price of a van air conditioner is USD460~1050, the actual price depends on the actual condition of the vehicle. The larger the interior space of the vehicle, in order to achieve a better cooling effect, it is necessary to install more or to match the model, which is more suitable for the air conditioning system. If you need more than one van air conditioner, we will give some discounts. Of course, if you have special needs for air conditioners, we can also customize air conditioners to meet your needs.

7. Should the van air conditioner be 12v or 24v?

The choice of 12v or 24v for the van air conditioner needs to be determined according to the voltage of the vehicle. If the vehicle voltage is 12 volts, select a 12-volt air conditioner, and if the vehicle voltage is 24 volts, select a 24-volt air conditioner.
As a common additional air conditioner, the van air conditioner has the characteristics of small size, energy saving, and good cooling effect. Use the vehicle's DC power to make it work to provide cooling.

8. How to install an air conditioner?

Van air conditioners are usually installed on the roof of the vehicle, and a few are installed on the tailgate. Compared with air conditioners installed on the roof, the cooling effect will be poorer.

Take the installation steps of the Ford van air conditioner as an example
1. Saw a hole in the roof with a saw. The size of the hole needs to be cut according to the size of the air conditioner, as shown in the picture.
2. With a caulking gun, apply silicone-based sealant around the edges of the hole. Put the A/C in the roof, and ensure the edges of the black waterproof block and the hole were well matched.
3. Mount the air guiding frame in the right position of air discharge, as shown below picture.
4. Install the mounting brackets with screws and break off the surplus part of the circuit frame.
5. Plug the wires from the roof unit to the ceiling unit. Then, connect the wires from the entire air conditioning unit to the wall outlet. Secure the ceiling portion of the unit by tightening the mounting bolts or screws supplied with the unit.
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