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Electric Standby Systems, A Novel Refrigerated Unit for Reefer Trucks in 2023

Jan 13, 2023
cold chain logistics

The global cold chain market has been growing rapidly in recent years, which not only includes an increase in the number of refrigerated trucks but also an increase in their average size and load capacity. The development of cold chain industry has brought a lot of new challenges to the refrigeration technology.
With the development of cold chain industry, there were many innovative truck refrigeration technologies during the past few years, such as remote control, electric standby, multi-temperature cargo transport, and full-electric refrigeration technology. These technologies are designed to meet the needs of different customers.
In year 2023, electric standby systems will earn more popularity among refrigerated truck fleet managers. In this article, Guchen Industry will discuss some of the advantages of using an electric standby unit.
electric standby is a new trend in truck refrigeration

Electric Standby has Become a New Trend in Truck Refrigeration Technology

Electric standby is designed to be used as a backup system for reefer trucks, and can be controlled by remote control. It can be used in various applications including cold storage, emergency backup, power failure and so on.
The use of electric standby is not only a matter of energy saving but also an important means for improving the safety of operation. Cold chain logistics is an important part of logistics operations today. In order to ensure the stable operation of cold chain logistics, it is necessary to provide an effective solution for power failure backup. The use of electric standby is an effective solution for improving the safety of operation and reducing costs at the same time.
advantages of electric standby units

The Main Features of Electric Standby

An electric standby unit is an auxiliary cooling unit that works in conjunction with the main reefer truck unit, and runs on electricity. A direct drive refrigeration system with standby is made up of two main parts:
Main reefer unit: driven by the vehicle’s engine. It consists of evaporating and condensing units, and a refrigeration compressor (directly connected to the engine's crankshaft);
◆ an electric cooling unit called an electric standby unit, integrated with the main refrigeration unit, installed within the condenser unit of the main system;
main reefer unit with integrated standby system

The advantages of an electric standby system are manifold and benefit both vehicle owners and operators equally in more ways than one.
1. It can provide refrigeration power when the vehicle stops running, which greatly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Fuel constitutes a large part of the operating cost of any truck. Reducing the amount consumed by using electric power, means reduced costs overall. At present, there are many transport refrigeration system manufacturers that have developed this technology and are selling it on the market.

2. Lower operating costs: If there is no need for diesel engines, then there is no need for oil changes either! That translates into savings on labor expenses as well as parts replacement costs since these are not necessary with this type of refrigeration system used in reefer trucks (or any other type).

3. It can be used for keeping food cold overnight or during a break in the journey. It will ensure that you do not lose any of your perishable inventory while moving from one location to another.

4. Electric standby units are also more reliable, quieter and cleaner than diesel-powered reefer units because they do not have any potential maintenance issues associated with their engines.

5. A reefer truck's refrigeration system is designed in such a way that it can operate without running. This allows the truck driver to park at rest area where there are power outlets in sight.
plug refrigerated truck into electric power receptacles


Electric standby units are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We firmly believe that they are the future of truck and van refrigeration. In addition, they come with a host of other benefits such as being quieter (which means less noise pollution), easier to install and maintain, as well as being able to work overnight without disturbing anyone nearby. So if you’re looking for an alternative that can help reduce fuel costs while still maintaining temperature control within your trucks, then this might just be what your business needs!

With top quality manufacturers such as Guchen Industry offering an extensive range of technologically advanced transport refrigeration systems, such as battery powered refrigeration units, all-electric truck units, multi-temperature truck reefer units, and diesel engine operated truck freezer units, there’s no reason you should not consider purchasing one for your fleet today!
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