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electric truck refrigeration unit

TR-400E Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit

Nose mount
12 ~ 16 m³ pure electric truck
-20℃ ~ +30℃
High voltage:
DC 400V ~ 750V

Product Details of Guchen TR-400E All Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit

It is a 100% electric refrigeration system for box trucks (with no road compressor or drive kit). The high-performance full-electric reefer unit is designed to install on 12 ~ 16 m³ truck volume, for both fresh and frozen cargoes delivery.
Guchen TR-400E is electrically powered by on-board high voltage battery. It is a totally environment-friendly unit with zero emissions, no engine noise or exhaust fumes. It also has no need for fuel deliveries or oil changes.
The TR-400E has been designed for the transportation of temperature sensitive products with temperature ranges from -20°C to +30°C. The system can be used in all weather conditions with no need for fuel. It is an ideal choice for those that want to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Applications of TR-400E Electric Transport Refrigeration Unit

Suitable for all electric vehicles for frozen food delivery. It can be used in either short distance urban transport or long distance road transport.
TR-400E has been designed to be easily integrated into any existing fleet and maintenance system. It has zero emissions and zero noise, making it ideal for urban areas where noise pollution is an issue.
It has a cooling capacity of up to 4KW. Designed with a constant cooling capacity independent of the vehicle RPM.

Standard Configuration of TR-400E 100% Electric Truck Reefer Unit

Model TR-400E
Applicable Temperature -20℃ ~ +30℃
Cooling capacity 4000W
Box volume  12 ~ 16 m³
High voltage DC DC400V ~ DC750V, the Max. current 15A
Low voltage DC DC18V~DC32V, the Max. current 25A
Compressor DBH356LDPB5M/35.6ml/rev
Refrigerant R404a/ 2.2kg
box temperature adjustment Electronic digital display
Safety protect High and low pressure protection, compressor exhaust temperature is too high protection, high and low voltage power supply voltage protection, core defrosting temperature sensor protection, current protection
Defrosting Hot gas defrost automatically
Evaporator Core type Copper tube & aluminum fin/ 1000*176*120 
Qty. of fan 2 pcs
Brand Guchen/ DC24V
Air flow When the static pressure of a single fan is 100pa, ≥800m3/h
Dimension and weight 1170*585*276mm/ 29.6kgs
Condenser Core type Parallel flow/ 690*496*25mm
Qty. of fan 2
Brand Guchen/ DC24V
Air flow When the static pressure of a single fan is 0pa, ≥1600m3/h
Dimension and weight 1292*600*460mm/ 72.8kgs


Why Choose Guchen TR-400E Pure Electric Refrigeration Unit?

Low Profile and Lightweight Design
TR-400E has been designed with a low profile design that allows for easy integration into trucks. With its lightweight design, the all-electric unit has a very low center of gravity which offers excellent stability and road handling even at high speeds.
A Revolutionary All-Electric Transport Refrigeration Unit
TR-400E electric truck refrigeration unit is a revolutionary all-electric transport refrigeration unit with zero emissions.It is designed to work on battery power. With its high energy-efficiency, the TR-400E can be applied in all types of electric reefer trucks, including food and beverage transport vehicles, long haul transports and even short distance local deliveries.
Outstanding Cooling Capacity
It is fitted with a variable speed electric compressor that guarantees constant cooling capacity independent of the vehicle RPM. This means that the unit will provide consistent performance at all times, regardless of road conditions or driving styles. The use of variable speed compressor also ensures a long lifespan and silent operation.
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