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Bus Air Conditioning Coil Processing Technology

Jun 19, 2015

Recommendation for Guchen Bus HVAC Manufacturer

Guchen traditional bus air conditioning system or all-electric bus air conditioner all included 3 types of bus air conditioning condensor coil, which widely used in bus air conditioner industry, want to know more about the secret of bus air conditioning coil, and learning more how to choice high performance bus HVAC. Guchen employs 3 kinds of bus A/C coil, they are Aluminum Tubes Al-Fins, aluminum-finned copper-tube condensor coil ( BD series city bus air conditioning ), Parallel flow coil  ( PD series shuttle bus air conditioning units ) separately for your buses business, mass customization production bus air conditioning system, Learn it today!

Advantage of Buy Guchen Bus Air Conditioning System

1. Evaporator Coil And Condenser Coil is the core technology of the bus air conditioner
2. Rapid Delivery Capabilities
3. The quality assurance of bus air conditioning
4. Modern production equipment, advanced management, low labor intensity,protect the environment.
5. Advanced technology ( Guchen bus air conditioner is better than the same configuration )
Coil Processing Brief Figure in Guchen bus air conditioning Coil Processing Technology
1. Big U-type Bend  2. Fin Forming  3. Positioning Assembly  4. Expansion Tube  5. Vacuum Brazing   6.Flame Brazing or Ultrasound Brazing  7.Trimmed And Examination

Processing Technology of Bus HVAC Evaporator Coil and Condenser Coil

Thinning Drawing Process:
Guchen industry through the continuous exploration, research, and test, which successful application of thinning drawing process technology in our bus air conditioning system. After tests show that the thinning drawing processing greatly improves the bus A/C thermal efficiency and working life of 5% -10%.
Dry to Degrease Processing:
In the course of coil processing (including evaporator coil and condenser coil ), the volatile oil is prone to leave residues in the inner-copper tube wall, causing blackening phenomenon of inner copper pipe after using bus air conditioner in two or three months. Adopts degrease drying processing, the copper tube cavity is very clean, and avoid the black phenomenon, which can greatly improve the coil’s reliability, stability and prolong the bus air conditioning system service life span.
The Evaporator Coil's Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin:
Aluminum fins have a hydrophilic membrane, hence, when the surface of the fins have some water, it is able to form a stable water film layer quickly, than make the condensed water cannot form droplets, at the same time, quickly forming into thin water films, in order to eliminate the presence of water bridge phenomenon and significantly improve the bus air conditioning system’s heat transfer efficiency.
Dry to Degrease Processing of bus air conditioning coilcopper tube of bus HVAC coil

Successful Application of Aluminum Tubes Aluminum Fins Evaporator Coil

After several tests verified, Guchen technology department have been tackled the aluminum tubes aluminum fin's two major technical difficulties including expanded tube and welding.
In order to meet the development trend of the lightweight bus air conditioner, it is practical that all "internal thread copper tube" change into the " internal thread aluminum tube", instead of aluminum plates and aluminum tube assemblies, evaporator coils are made of all-aluminum material, on one hand, reducing the weight of the bus air conditioning, on the other hand, saving the raw material cost, increasing the whole economic efficiency, the evaporator coil with aluminum tube aluminum fins compared with the same body size of copper tube aluminum fins , weight reduction of 25%.
Aluminum Tubes Aluminum Fins Evaporator Coil in Bus air conditioning system
Aluminum Tubes Aluminum Fins Evaporator Coil successfully used in Bus Air Conditioning System

Copper and Aluminum Brazing Process Technology

In the course of copper tube replaced by aluminum tube during bus air conditioning welding, it is inevitable using the copper and aluminum brazing process. Since the copper and aluminum with a big difference in the physical and chemical properties, the main problems in brazing process, following:
Oxidation problem: Aluminum surface is easily oxidized, to form a dense oxide film, seriously affecting the brazed connection between copper and aluminum.
The Brittle Compound Problem: Due to the chemical properties of the copper and aluminum shows that this two metals can produce a variety of inter-metallic compounds, severely weakening the performance of copper and aluminum brazed joints.
Residual Stress Problem: Due to the huge difference in the coefficient of linear expansion of copper and aluminum, heating - cooling process will produce residual stresses, would seriously threaten the quality and performance of brazed joints.
Through many trials and verification, Guchen industry have mastered copper and aluminum brazing's flame brazing and high frequency induction brazing process in bus air conditioning industry, and determined the appropriate brazing material, in order to provide a reliable, effective copper and aluminum brazed joints during copper tube replaced by aluminum tube, and to promote the application of this new technology in bus air conditioning industry to provide a reference and guidance.
parallel flow coil & Multi-flow condenser (MFC) used in bus air conditioning system
parallel flow coil & Multi-flow condenser (MFC) used in bus air conditioning system

Micro-channel Heat Exchanger, Multi-flow condenser (MFC) used in bus air conditioning system

Bus HVAC using parallel flow coil will increasing 30% heat exchange efficiency than traditional bus air conditioner, Guchen have built the Parallel flow coil production line in our factory, and strict control the quality of bus air conditioning system, make sure that our bus ac have a very high refrigeration performance, welcome to our factory, and we will give you a very detailed introduction.

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