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Ecooler 220V AC Powered RV Air Conditioner

Product Name:
220 Volt Ecooler 3800A Air Conditioner
Driven Type:
220 Volt AC Powered
Roof top Mounted
Cooling Capacity:
RVs, mobile medical vehicles, Special vehicles etc.

Guchen 220 volt Air Conditioner for Motor Vehicle Introduction

Guchen Ecooler3800A units◆ 3,800W cooling capacity
◆ 220 volt
Guchen Ecooler3800A units are rooftop mount 220 volt AC powered air conditioner for motor vehicles. The electric RV air conditioner is mounted on the roof top of the vehicles. It is dedicated designed for installing on RVs, mobile health trailers, campers, and travel trailers etc. It has a 3,800W cooling capacity, efficient cooling in hot summer days.

When your camper van/RV engine is off, you can plug the air conditioner in 220 volt outside power source for constant indoor cooling, therefore the Ecooler3800A system is also called as “RV parking cooler”.

It is a integrated camper cooler with beautiful slim design. It helps save fuel. Ecooler3800A 220V RV air conditioner can be also mounted on the emergency communication vehicle, mobile communication vehicle, outside broadcasting vans, and special vehicles.

Ecooler3800A unit is specially used as a parking cooler. If you want to use it to achieve cooling when the vehicle runs on road, an electric generator and DC-AC converter are needed.
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Guchen 220V RV Roof Air Conditioner Vehicle Application

RVs, mobile medical vehicles
Emergency communication vehicles, mobile communication vehicles
Tramway operating vehicles, special vehicles, telecom basement and so on.

Ecooler3800A 220 Volt Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Technical Data

Model Ecooler3800A
Refrigerant/Volume R410a
Cooling capacity 3800W / 12920Btu
Power 1450W
Voltage AC220 / 50Hz
Evaporator blower air vol. 600m³/h
Condenser fan air vol. 1000m³/h
Dimensions 788*632*256mm
Weight 30kg
Open hole size 360*360mm
Electronic control panel size 508*45*508mm
Mechanical control panel size 539*64*572mm
Vehicle Applications RVs, Vans, mobile medical vehicles, Special vehicles etc.

Guchen 220 Volt Roof Mount Air Conditioner for Camper (or other motor vehicles) Advantages

Cooling Fast
It adopts axial fan thermal design in evaporator, so it can low down the temperature in vehicles quickly.

small RV rooftop air conditioner
220 volt RV air conditioner application vehicles

If you wanna know our 12V 24V DC powered van air conditioner, please visit our Ecooler2400 page.
Adjust Air Flow Freely
Guchen air conditioner for RV trailer is reasonably designed the air out, so users can adjust air flow in multi-directions for a comfortable vehicle condition.

220v rooftop air conditioners for rvs
Long Working Life
In the internal side of guchen RV air conditioner, you can see it adopts copper pipe in condenser and evaporator, so it is more reliable for a long-term life service.

Ecooler3800a 220v air conditioner for RV
AC (alternating current) Powered Air Conditioner, Saving Fuel Consumption
The air conditioner for RV trailer (or other vehicles) is a kind of parking lot air conditioner to connect alternating current with 220 volt voltage. When the vehicle stops, it can be recharged by the outside power source, which can save the fuel a lot.
360mm*360mm Skylight Structure
The RV air conditioners are small in size, light in weight. It is suitable for all the 360mm*360mm skylight structure, so users don’t need to worry about that once trepan a hole in the roof of vehicles, it will not suitable for other RV air conditioners.

RV roof air conditioner 220V
Easy to install
Guchen Industry supplies 220 volt air conditioner for motor vehicle, such as RV air conditioner and mobile health trailer air conditioner with 3800W cooling capacity.  This 220 volt air conditioner for motor vehicle are easy to install, we will supply the free and detailed installation instruction.
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