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Refrigerated Trucks: An Essential to The Cold Chain Transportation

Jan 28, 2015

Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation is a temperature-controlled supply chain. In other words, cold chain transportation is meaning that the ordinary truck with a truck cooling system, A complete cold chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which keep a given temperature range. Cold chain is mainly used to help extend the shelf life of products and ensure than product  fresh or safety. Such as fresh agriculture, ice and ice cream, seafood, quick-frozen food, fishery products, butter and edible fats, including cream to be used for butter making, meet, fresh fish, cooked dishes and prepared foods, pastry creams, meet and cooked meats pre-packaged for consumer use, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and photographic film and other product that are liable to decay during the long-distance transport without the refrigeration units.

Refrigeration Truck & Van Introduction

refrigerated trucks essential cold chainRefrigeration truck also called a refrigeration van, is a van or truck designed with a refrigeration unit in order to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures ( if the truck refrigeration units adopt R404 the temperature can be adjusted form -30℃-30℃ ) and mainly used in coal chain industry. Refrigerated trucks is a special refrigerated transport vehicle which equipped with truck & van refrigeration units equipment and polyurethane insulated compartment. Refrigerated trucks differ from simple insulated equipment and ventilated vans, which commonly used for transporting fruit.

The Key Component In Refrigeration Truck & Van

Truck & van refrigeration units is the key component in refrigeration truck & van, refrigerated truck mainly compose of a truck cooling system (also called truck refrigeration units or van refrigeration units ), an insulated refrigerated, inter temperature loggers, truck's cab and chassis. A proper insulated refrigerated truck body and a powerful cooling system is the key weapons for a better distribution of perishable goods.

Refrigeration Units and Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation normally refer to the refrigerated van & truck equipped with a refrigeration units which can control the temperature inside van compartment in order to protect the products safety & fresh. Many different types of food and products may require use of refrigerated van & truck, most refrigerated trucking equipment are used for transport of agricultural food in order to avoid spoil or decompose easily. Of course, frozen foods also require refrigeration, especially the frozen food during the long-distance transport. The drug products must be transported, stored in a manner that ensures the products will be maintained within an acceptable temperature range as defined in the approved labeling and supported by stability data.


As a word, refrigerated trucks are really essential equipment in the coal chain transportation. Only in this way, the consumer will get or buy the products as fresh as it were harvested even if through a long distance transport. Guchen industry van refrigeration units factory supply the refrigerated truck bodies, truck refrigeration units, truck cooling system and refrigerated united spare parts.
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