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Why Are You Trust Guchen Bus Air Conditioning System - Bus HVAC

Jun 20, 2016

Bus HVAC Climate Expert --- Reliable, Comfortable and Energy Saving

People to pursue wonderful life's dream has never changed. Our dream make you feel greater comfort on road has never changed, either. Guchen has committed itself to becoming an expert on bus HVAC climate with reliable, comfortable and energy saving

To care of your most subtle changes in temperature cooling & heating, and make human have a better life’s dream constantly extends. Cozy in the long journey, which is the core value of Guchen’s bus air conditioning were created for, it /pings a better life experience to you. We continue to explore, trying do our best to create a more comfortable environment in bus compartment.

Is a real need of every air conditioned bus running on roads. Every effort to put your mind at ease. For this purpose, we have established the most refined, state of the art experimental center for conducting strict inspection and testing on each aspect of our products, so as to ensure that each Guchen Bus air conditioning system have a reliable performance, each of us rigorous, hope give you more peace of mind, just in order to create more reliable experience for you

Energy saving and Eco-friendly
It is always a higher goal of people in respect of how technology changes life
Be the most outstanding expert on bus HVAC climate, care for people’s subtlest heating & cooling

Types of Guchen Bus Air Conditioning

independent bus air conditioners
DD series independent bus air conditioners
Designed for airport shuttle buses and buses with an extraordinarily high requirement on integral power of the vehicle.

SD series coach bus air conditioner
SD series coach bus air conditioner
Designed for natural gas buses or buses with an extraordinarily strict requirement on air conditioner size
PD series city bus air conditioner
PD series city bus air conditioner
Integrated front upwind-style compact, which designed for 6-18 city buses and intercity buses

Roof top split bus air conditioner - Single Return Air System
Rooftop mounted split single return air bus air conditioner. Categorized into series P, B & L. Most widely applied bus air conditioner of Guchen. Mainly designed for 6-18m diesel or hy/pid buses

Roof Top Integrated Bus Air Conditioner - Double Return Air System
Categorized into series S, R & E bus air conditioner. Mainly designed for 6-18m natural gas or electric buses

Built-in Bus Air Conditioner Module
Covers 5-8m buses, and can be customized according to your special requirements. Designed for buses where there is a limit for ceiling height, or where evaporators have to be built inside.

Rear Mounted Bus Air Conditioner Module
Covers 8-12m double-layer buses, and can be customized according to special requirements. A collection of advanced technologies like individualized temperature control, CAN bus.

24 Reasons to Trust Guchen Transport Air Conditioner

Global sales of 50,000 bus HVAC units, makes Guchen become the largest bus air conditioning manufacturer in China, while this is all not the important reason you select trust GUCHEN, the more important is high technology, top quality materials, advanced equipment used in every guchen’s transport air conditioning, as well as the R & D team, professional sales makes Guchen’s /pand have a very high reputation at home and a/poad.

√ Smart Fresh Air Technology
No start bus ac compressor, provides ventilation inside and outside bus, ensuring air freshness

Smart Control Technology
√ Smart Control Technology of Electronic Expansion Valve
Chinese only one company which debut application on new energy bus air conditioner, enabling more precise control of flow, achieve accurate temperature control.

√ Electronic Air Purifying Filter Mesh
Both physical & chemical purification, filtering unwanted harmful material, guaranteeing you have a clean environment

√ Vi/pation Test-bed
Simulation of various vehicle running status, to comprehensively test the mechanical strength of bus air conditioning.

√ High & Low Temperature Impact Testing Box
Testing the electrical parts performance in the case of drastic ambient temperature changes.

√ Horizontal Combustion Testing Machine
Testing flame retardant properties of bus HVAC’s interior materials, ensures reached & surpassed the national air safety standards.

√ Salt Spray Test Chamber
Make the material through long time salt spray testing, to improve the material optimization.
Comprehensively tests anti-corrosion performance of bus air-conditioning system through 800-hour ultra-long salt spray test. Copper tubes, aluminum tubes experimental time up to 500 hours, greatly higher than the industry standard

√ Spectrum Analyzer
Analyzes the chemical ingredient of metallic materials, which determine the performance of metal

√ Universal Pull Testing Machine
Determination of materials strength, tensile, compressive and bending, extending performance

√ Static Torque Tester
Testing static friction torque of the bus ac magnetic clutch

Thermal Imaging Instrument
√ Thermal Imaging Instrument
Used to analysis the interior refrigerant flow, heat transfer process, according to the temperature display, therefore, to improve and optimize bus air conditioning system

√ Metallurgical microscope
Detection of metallic raw materials, fi/pous tissue, crystalline structure, organizational forms

√ Outdoor Rain Proof Test
All-electric bus air-conditioning undergo 100% raining proof test, to ensure all electrical parts has a superior performance Ensure bus HVAC withstand the harsh environment test

√ The World's Lightest Full DC Inverter All-electric Bus Air Conditioner
Exclusive core technology, no HP convert, no AC-DC conversion, no power consumption, energy saving, leading the development of the bus HVAC industry

dc inverter all electric bus air conditioner
√ Low Temperature Heat Pump Technology
It's a cutting-edge technology that keep the bus air conditioning in extreme low & high ambient temperatures

Testing whether the bus HVAC quickly heating & cooling under -20℃ environment
√ We Now Have B, L, P, S Four Major Series up to 20 Products
Covering the full range of the multifaceted usage of bus air conditioning

√ Bus aircon Core Using Automatic Welding Technology
Compared with traditional mode, high welding qualified rate
No open fire, good appearance, high cleanliness, guarantee the top quality and reliability

√ Standard Transport Air Conditioning Production Line
We have A, B, C, D four standard bus aircon processing lines
Among which line A is exclusively for producing all-electric air conditioning, with a daily production capacity of 300 sets, annual output up to 70,000 units

√ Helium Testing of Bus Aircon Core Pipeline
Ensure every bus air conditioning core have a sealed pipeline, no refrigerant leakage

√ Fin Molding Machine
Max. Speed up to 200m /min, duplex rotary feeding
USA imported oil injection system
Compared to conventional air-conditioning fins molding machine, it can achieve automatically adjusted wave height and wave distance, to guarantee the consistency of the overall heat exchange capacity

√ /pazing Furnace
With continuous protection hearth, provided by 99.9995% highly pure nitrogen gas
Use non-corrosive /pazing flux entirely welded aluminum heat exchanger
After NOCOLOK /pazing flux welded, the temperature control precision of integral /pazing of aluminum heat exchanger can be ±0.1℃, and whole bus air conditioning do not need any treatment, have a good corrosion resistance, plasticity and thermal conductivity

√ Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Wash thoroughly, high cleanliness: overall adopting standing cleansing, it makes inner cavity cleansing more smoothly
Highly automatic; effectively enhance subsequent /pazing quality

√ R & D Team
79 undergraduates, postgraduate 15 in our outstanding R&D team, putting talent at the core of our competitiveness, by means of which we have achieved more and more glories.
More than half of R & D personnel have over 10 years working experience in the field of bus air conditioning research and development.

√ Automatic Guided Vehicle ( AGC )
Using advanced AGVs system helps lower manual work strength, improve efficiency, and realize automatic material delivery

3. Advantage to Use LFT Housing for all of Guchen's Bus aircon

LFT shell through compression molding of fiber glass and plastic granules, nontoxic and odorless, lightweight, beautiful, reliable: as adopted by Guchen bus air conditioners, enables them to enjoy three advantages
1. The air inside the bus fully green: No any harmful volatile gases, therefor keeps air in vehicle completely clean and safe.
2. Completely Recyclable materials: It can be recycled for re-use, representing the environment friendly principle 3. Lightweight : Saving 30% lighter than other ordinary materials, in compliance with the target of lightweight and high-strength of automotive materials

Why Are You Select Guchen Air Conditioning System

● Global annual sales 50,000 bus HVAC units, export to more than 100 countries and regions
● Product Coverage rate of up to 80%, it has makes Guchen become the largest bus air conditioning manufacturer in China.
● Over 430 special maintenance after-sales service station has established, providing 24 hour on-site service
● For every 5 buses / coaches in the world, 1 is equipped with Guchen's bus air conditioner
● 18 sales experience, ensure your every detail requires get a quick reply in 12 hours.

Our Dream Never Stops - Be the most outstanding expert on bus HVAC climate, care for people's subtlest heating & cooling

Guchen workshop
Top quality bus air conditioning system are derived from advanced technology and refined management, every effort we have made in terms of manufacture details, represents our commitment to the needs of customers. In the future, Guchen will continue to dedicate itself to being the most outstanding expert on bus HVAC environment, to caring for people's subtlest needs of heating & cooling, to /pinging people a better life and; it is Guchen’s never-changing dream to let everyone enjoy comfort, reliability, environment-friendliness, health and happiness.
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