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Caravan Truck Air Conditioners

Feb 21, 2023
The caravan truck air conditioner is an air conditioning system that is installed separately on the vehicle. It can provide cooling for the cab and the cargo compartment in the hot summer, which can improve the driving comfort and the freshness of the goods in the cargo compartment. GUCHEN caravan air conditioner manufacturer provides DC powered air conditioner with 12V/24V voltage.

Can a caravan be installed with an air conditioner?

Sure.  * Whether it is necessary to report to the Ministry of Communications after the installation is completed will be implemented according to the policies of different regions and countries.
caravan truck roof mounted air conditioner
They are usually installed on the top of the caravan, which is easy to install and beautiful and can make the cabin get a better cooling effect. When the air conditioner starts to work, the cold air flows from top to bottom to fill the entire compartment, cooling the interior of the compartment to a preset temperature.

How to install a caravan truck air conditioner?

1. Saw a hole in the roof with a saw. The size of the hole needs to be cut according to the size of the air conditioner, as shown in the picture. Caravan Air Conditioning Installation Steps
2. With a caulking gun, apply silicone-based sealant around the edges of the hole. Put the A/C in the roof, and ensure the edges of the black waterproof block and the hole were well matched.
3. Mount the air guiding frame in the right position of air discharge, as shown below picture.
4. Install the mounting brackets by screws and break off the surplus part of the circuiting frame.
5. Plug the wires from the roof unit to the ceiling unit. Then, connect the wires from the entire air conditioning unit to the wall outlet. Secure the ceiling portion of the unit by tightening the mounting bolts or screws supplied with the unit.

How to choose the air conditioner of the caravan truck?

The choice of the air conditioning system mainly depends on the condition of the vehicle. If the length of your vehicle does not exceed 7m, you can choose our DC series and GC series air conditioning systems. There are 5 product models below.
DC-10E Air Conditioner
GC-8C Air Conditioner
GC-10E Air Conditioner
GC-04 Air Conditioner

GC-04 Air Conditioner
GC-03 Air Conditioner

GC-03 Air Conditioner

If your vehicle exceeds 7m, you can send us an email( and tell us the specific conditions of your vehicle, and we will match you with the most suitable caravan air conditioner based on the information you provide.

*Note: When selecting the air conditioning system, the power supply voltage of your own vehicle should be checked to avoid a situation that the wrong voltage cannot be used.

How does air conditioning work in a caravan?

The air conditioner is mainly composed of a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, a control panel, and pipelines, among which the condenser and the evaporator are combined into one. When the temperature inside the van/van is high, high temperature and high-pressure air enter the compressor, then the air is converted into high-temperature and high-pressure liquid, and the liquid enters the evaporator and condenser to be converted into low temperature - low temperature and low-pressure air to cool down.

How much is the air conditioner for the caravan?

The price of the air conditioner for the caravan is USD 460 ~ 1050. The price will be affected by the specific selection of the product and the selection of other accessories. Of course, the final price will also be affected by the purchase volume.

If you need a specific product catalog and price, you can send us an email
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