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Note the use of refrigerated trucks in summer

Feb 24, 2016

Hot summer, the outdoor temperature is higher, refrigerated owners should pay special attention to when delivery of frozen food, otherwise it will affect the quality of food preservation.

1, Before loading the goods note for the goods and the precooling of refrigerator
Transportation equipment is to keep the temperature at which the loading of the goods while transportation.Can't load the refrigerator to reduce the temperature of the goods or freeze.If the cargo temperature high or loading of the goods, under the condition of high temperature refrigerator is difficult to bring it down to the temperature of the matters.Therefore, please make the goods in advance and cold storage within the precooling, it fell to the transportation temperature

2, Make a free circulation between the air conditioning in the goods
Do keep the cold storage temperature is uniform temperature, must pay full attention to the goods piled up.Pay particular attention to the goods can not be stacked to the roof or in air conditioning air outlet or into the port pile up the goods.

3, The goods quickly move in and out
Refrigerator door open, the outside air into the cause of the rolls temperature rise.Please as soon as possible to move in and out of goods.
In addition, cargo handling operations please stop operation of refrigerating units.

4, Should pay special attention to when loading of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables, such as heat due to produce breath, if the cycle of air conditioning is not good, the central part of the carriage temperature will rise, thus affect the quality of the goods.In addition, the upper part of the close distance air conditioning export the goods will be caused by air conditioning damaged, therefore, please cover the cover cloth such as protected in advance.

5, Please keep the refrigerator clean sanitation
Food must be kept clean.If the salt, fat and other attached on the wall or door sealing strip, not health, not only will corrosion carriages, shorten the life of the ice truck.These problems refrigerator car, please keep in mind oh, good transportation habits not only can prolong the service life of refrigerator car, still can keep the food fresh, safe.

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