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Guchen’s Innovative Bus AC Design with Integrated Heat Pump Function

Apr 28, 2021
 A novel bus air conditioning system that combines twin functions integrated 

New Design Concept - Guchen Bus Air Conditioner with Integrated Heat Pump

To meet the increasingly strong demands for air conditioning and passenger thermal comfort in the bus, Guchen Industry upgrades all our bus AC models with integrated heating and cooling control - an added heat pump function. 
Guchen bus AC units with integrated heat pump are able to provide drivers and passengers with a more suitable interior temperature and to maintain moderate relative humidity level.
 components of bus air conditioning system

How does it Achieve Heating Function in an Integrated Unit?

The advanced system comes with reversible refrigeration circuit for heating & cooling. 
In traditional bus air conditioning design, the cooling of bus interior is achieved by refrigeration circuit: 
Compression -- The bus AC compressor sucks in the low-temperature & low-pressure refrigerant vapor generated in the evaporator, compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor, and discharges it into the condenser.
Condensation: After the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor enters the condenser, under the action of the condenser fan, it dissipates heat to the surrounding environment through the condenser and becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant.
Metering and Expansion: The liquid refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure passes through the reservoir and filter drier, and then metering and reducing the pressure through the expansion valve. The refrigerant is sprayed from the nozzle and expands violently into a low-temperature and low-pressure gas-liquid mixture (mist) Evaporator.
Evaporation: The low-temperature and low-pressure gas-liquid mixture throttled by the expansion valve enters the evaporator. Under the action of the evaporator fan, it absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and vaporizes into a low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant, which is sucked by the compressor and then compressed.
See more detailed information on “how does bus air conditioning system work”here.
bus air conditioning  refrigeration cycle
In the innovative integrated heat pump system, the heating of bus compartment is achieved by operating the refrigeration cycle in the opposite direction. Evaporator acts as a condenser, while the condenser acts as an evaporator. Depending on ambient temperature, Guchen bus air conditioning systems either cools or heats the passenger compartment. Numerous installation cases in the past few year showed that the novel bus AC systems with integrated heat pump function are with outstanding efficiency.
 evaporator and condensor of bus heating and air-conditioning system

The Benefits of the New Twin Function in Guchen Bus AC Systems

◆ As all the components for the new cooling and heating function in an integrated AC system, it is extremely compact in dimension, and simple in installation. It fits without the need for additional units on the bus roof.
◆ The protection conditions for turning on and off the lights of each participating component are performed in the background to be more accurate, safer, and more refined.
◆ Intelligent temperature control and adjustment to make the temperature fluctuation of the whole compartment smaller from front to back; with the corresponding humidity adjustment and automatic control of fresh air system, the internal environment of the compartment is more pleasant.
◆ The integrated heating air-conditioning system is able to keep a constant inside temperature meeting all heating and cooling requirements of the bus. Cooling and heating are no longer used alone. Fuel, air conditioners, and floor radiators are integrated as a whole. Through relevant control combinations, they jointly maintain a constant temperature in the interior of the bus.
◆ The efficient bus air-conditioning system delivers high thermal comfort in winter days, dual zone heating and cooling, constant temperature control, rapid defrosting and demisting, providing passengers a comfortable temperature and constant fresh air environment.
◆ The novel design provides Guchen customers a complete bus air-conditioning solution with an additional heating function, thus Guchen units can be installed for various types of buses in various countries/areas.
 bus air conditioner with integrated heat pump

Additional Top Picks of Guchen Bus HVAC System

 ◆ One-key setting
After one-button power-on, the program automatically sets the optimal human body temperature in the bus to 23°C without manual operation.
◆ Automatic control
The new calibration, the system automatically judges the temperature inside and outside the compartment, automatically calls related components to start up operation, automatic wind speed adjustment, and automatic temperature offset correction to achieve the least human impact.
passenger compartment
◆ Constant temperature
Through fine control and adjustment, the temperature difference between the front, rear, left and right inside the passenger compartment is within a slight deviation range of 1.5°C.
◆ Fresh and healthy air
The fresh air function participates in the control and adjustment, which not only maintains the constant internal temperature of the bus, reduces energy consumption, the integrated air purification control of the system, but also realizes the functions of negative ions, ozone, ultraviolet sterilization, and efficient dust absorption, thus ensuring the freshness of the air in the bus.
guchen bus air conditioning units
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