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Congratulate for Europe Partner Finish 100 Sets of Bus Air Conditioners Installation

Jan 19, 2017
First, warmly congratulations on Guchen’s new partners --- European Partner mount SD-05 bus air conditioners successfully on their buses!

Since Guchen's 100 sets of  SD-05 bus air conditioners arrived in our customers bus factory in Europe, their engineers and workers were busy with the installation working. As for now, they have mounted one of 40 sets of bus air conditioning system on their buses successfully!

Europe Partner Feedbacks on Guchen SD-05 Bus Air Conditioning System

Recently, on January 18, 2017, Europe Partner gives us some feedbacks. Their engineers said that the bus air conditioning system working very well, and have a big cooling capacity because of the double return air system in SD series bus air conditioners. And it is also have the advantages of running quietly.

Tips: For the customers case, please see Exporting 100 sets of Bus Air Conditioners to Europe

guchen bus air conditioning system installation

PHOTO: Guchen SD-05 Bus Air Conditioners Installation on Buses in Europe Partner Factory


Guchen SD Series Bus Air Conditioning System Installation Discussion Meeting

It was on November, 2016 when our Europe Partner engineers came to China to visit Guchen Industry and discuss about the installation matters and their next bus air conditioners bid projects.

In the meeting, Guchen sales manager Mr. Larry and Guchen Technologists with the Europe engineers discussed the following main matters:
  1. The SD-05 can be used for 9-12 meter buses, but they don’t need the heating system because of the local ambient temperature can be low to 0℃, so it is not very suitable for SD-05 bus air conditioners equip with heating system applying for the local conditions.
  2. The SD-03 is used for 7 -8 meter small bus, so they decided to equip with heating system for SD-03 bus air conditioning system when in their next bid project.
  3. The SD series bus air conditioners double return air system advantages: offer large air flow, small size and save space. 

Guchen bus air conditioning system installation discussion meeting
PHOTO: Discuss the SD series Bus Air Conditioners Installation Matters in Meeting Room


Guchen Bus Air Conditioners High Competitiveness

Guchen Industry as the best bus air conditioners manufacturer and suppliers in China have the high competitiveness in air conditioners. We can supply the same level bus air conditioners as Spheres, Thermo King … So as for their next bid project, Guchen SD-03 bus air conditioners have wined the bid qualification.
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