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Truck Refrigeration Unit

TR-300E Truck Refrigeration Unit

High voltage

TR-300E Truck Refrigeration Unit Introduction

If you are in the market for a truck refrigeration unit, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a small business owner who needs to transport perishable goods or a large corporation that needs to keep products at a certain temperature, a van refrigeration unit is a must-have. 

A truck refrigeration unit is an essential investment for anyone who needs to transport perishable goods. They offer several benefits, including increased productivity, improved quality, and versatility. The price of a truck refrigeration unit will depend on factors such as size and capacity, features, brand and quality, and installation costs.

GUCHEN Truck refrigeration unit manufacturer can provide you with refrigeration units for different vehicles and cooling capacities. If you have special requirements for refrigeration units, we can provide customized requirements for products. Email us about your needs (

Benefits of a Truck Refrigeration Unit

✔ Increased Productivity: With a van refrigeration unit, you can transport perishable goods without worrying about spoilage, allowing you to be more productive and efficient in your business operations.
✔ Improved Quality: Refrigeration units help to maintain the quality of your products by keeping them at a consistent temperature, which reduces the risk of spoilage or damage.
✔ Versatility: Van refrigeration units are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and van models.

TR-300E Truck Refrigeration Unit Specification

Parameters of refrigeration unit
Model TR-300E
Applicable box volume 6-10m³
Temperature range -18℃~+30℃
Cooling capacity 0℃/+30℃ 3250
-18℃/+30℃ 1750
High voltage DC220V-DC450V
Power 0℃/+30℃ 2150W
-18℃/+30℃ 1780W
Controller High-end liquid crystal
Drive mode Pure electric
Low voltage power Two in one including DC-DC Self power supply
Emergency power supply AC220V(standard)
Compressor DDH254(Haili)
Refrigerant R404
Refrigerant charge 1.5kg
Defrost method Hot air defrosting

Condenser assembly
Dimension mm(L*W*H) 1336*488*271
Weight(kg) 67

Condenser fan
Qty. 1pc
Total air volume 2000m³/h
Evaporator assembly Dimension mm(L*W*H) 1070*580*245
Weight(kg) 22.5
Evaporator fan Qty. pcs
Total air volume 2000m³/h

Technical Features of TR-300E Truck Refrigeration Unit

TR-300E Truck Refrigeration Unit Features
1. Fast cooling speed: when the ambient temperature is 30°C, it will drop to 0°C within 20 minutes inside the cabin; if the ambient temperature is 30°C, it will drop to -18°C within 60 minutes inside the cabin.

2. The power consumption per hour of cold machine operation is about 2.2KW/H.

3. Frequency conversion control, more precise and high stability.

4. The evaporator adopts an ABS casing, which is corrosion-resistant.

5. The heat exchanger has a large volume and a large air volume to supply air, ensuring efficient heat exchange capacity and sufficient cold delivery.

6. The controller adopts light-touch temperature and air volume adjustment, and the temperature adjustment range is wide (-25°C to +30°C).

7. The industry's original double-seal technology, the system leakage is less than 3 grams per year, and the long-term reliable operation does not leak.

8. The electric control system has multi-channel detection and multiple protections to ensure the safety and reliability of the control system.

9. American AMP/Delph waterproof connectors, the pull-out force is greater than 180N/M, sealed and waterproof, to prevent poor contact, thick wires, and no heat at high temperatures.

10. Danfoss (Danfoss) control valve, precise control, low failure rate.
Product Configuration Table
No. Name Quantity
1 Compressor 1
2 2 IN 1 1
3 Evaporation fan 2
4 Condensing fan 1
5 Condensation core 1
6 Evaporation core 1
7 Expansion valve 1
8 Reservoir 1
9 control Panel 1
10 Harness, Connector
11 Condenser shell 1
13 Evaporator shell 1
14 Fitting
15 Refrigerant pipe
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