How Many Fuel You will Save per Year with Guchen Ecooler Sleeper Cab Cooling Solutions?


Not only saving fuel consumption but also a pleasant driving time is Guchen’s pursue. Guchen Ecooler sleeper cab cooling solutions can help us to realize it! Compared with traditional truck engine driven sleeper cab air conditioners, the electric one is more eco-friendly and money-saving. Let’s see how many fuel you will save per year if use Guchen Ecooler sleeper cab ac units.

For example a truck with 300 horsepower, and parking for 8 hours, if use traditional engine driven truck ac, it will use 3L fuel per hour, then you will save 8h*3L=24L fuel per day, and if the price is 1.42 dollars per fuel, then you will save 24L*1.42$=34.08$ per day.
Take an example of 300 horsepower truck

Parking Time

Truck Horsepower

Fuel Consumption per Hour

Fuel Save Per Day

8 hours

300 horsepower



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