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Van Refrigeration Units are Essential to Refrigerated Vans

Apr 10, 2015

Background of Van Refrigeration Units and Refrigerated Vans

Growth in the perishable food market is the key demand driver for van refrigeration unit and refrigerated van. This sector is driven by consumer spending, and therefor, growth of van refrigeration unit is linked to household consumption levels and the general economic environment. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, increasing quality requirements for perishable food products, pharmaceutical drugs, medicine and health care products are also factors impacting the van refrigeration unit demand.

Van Refrigeration Unit Controlling the Refrigerated Van's Temperature

Van refrigeration units is mainly located on the refrigerated van, which is used to adjust the temperature of refrigerated body, in order to help protect our urban food supply and other perishable cargo.
Van refrigeration unit has proven to be an ideal choice for controlling the refrigerated van's temperature. In other words, refrigerated van, equipped with a refrigeration unit, can be set to the desired temperature and maintained at that temperature throughout the entire journey. They are suited to transporting fresh, frozen, deep frozen goods at temperatures of around −30ºC to 30ºC (−22°F to 86ºF).

Three Kinds of Van Refrigeration Units for Refrigerated Van

The van refrigeration units are divided into direct driven van refrigeration units, diesel driven van refrigeration units, DC powered van refrigeration units according to the different power source while driving.
● Direct driven van refrigeration units which is driven by vehicle engine. Such as van refrigeration units category, truck refrigeration units category in Guchen's products
● Diesel driven unit refers to the van refrigeration unit including a special diesel engines, which is driven by its own diesel engines. And there is nothing to do with the vehicle engine's on / off, i.e., TS-1200, TS-1000 diesel engine driven truck refrigeration unit
DC powered van refrigeration units which is driven by the vehicle's battery, including the TRF-110D, TR-110D electrical van refrigeration units
Guchen's  Van Refrigeration Units are Essential to Refrigerated Vans
Guchen's roof top mounted van refrigeration units are essential to refrigerated vans

Three Installation Methods of Van Refrigeration Units for Refrigerated Van

For the direct driven units or diesel driven units, which is divided into roof top mounted van refrigeration unit, front mounted van refrigeration units, under mounted van refrigeration units according to the installation location of its condenser.

● Roof top mounted van refrigeration units

In Guchen industry company, such as TR-180T, TR-200T, TR-300T van refrigeration systems, and TR-350T model. Mainly installed on the refrigerated van's rooftop, its refrigerated body volume separately, 5~12m³,8~12m³,10-15m³,15~25m³,

● Front mounted van refrigeration units:

The front mounted unit is very popular in the refrigerated vans industry, in this refrigeration units category, their condensers all can be mounted in front of refrigerated body, please observing the distance, high gap between the cabin and refrigerated body.

● Under mounted van refrigeration units:

For the larger refrigerated van, such as its refrigerated body is more than 7m, there are three kinds of units, they are TR-760,TR-860,TR-960 truck refrigeration units.

Supplying High Quality van Refrigeration Unit for Your Refrigerated Vans

Quality requirement of fresh, frozen product transport has become more and more important; Coupled with the strengthened refrigerated van in cold chain logistics industry and the rapid development of van refrigeration unit in transport refrigeration industry. Guchen Industry supplies  high quality van refrigeration units for your refrigerated vans, factory direct supply!
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