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 2B 210 clutch for hispacold bus a/c compressors

2B 210 Electromagnetic Clutches for HPC Compressor

HPC 2B 210
Rated Voltage:
Max Speed:
4000 r.p.m
Hispacold air conditioning compressor
Consumer Power:

Introduction of HPC 2B 210 Electromagnetic Clutches

HPC 2B 210 clutch is a transmission of power device, which connects engine and Hispacold 550 cc / Hispacold 660 cc compressor. Used for driving bus air conditioner's compressor, therefore driving bus air conditioning and reduce vehicle's inside temperature. It is common electromagnetic clutch model used on Hispacold 550 cc /660 cc compressor. 

Remarkable Features of HPC 2B 210 Electromagnetic Clutches

Unique electromagnetic clutch design, perfect structure, world first class technology art. Durable, great performance.
Match with Hispacold 550 cc Compressor/Hispacold 660 cc Compressor. Material is plated, quality is relatively better. Competitive price and excellent quality. Our products enjoy a good reputation
ISO900. Easy to install. All units are tested individually before being shipped. Have been exported to middle East, southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

Specifications of HPC 2B 210 Clutch

Model Number HPC 2B 210
Rated Voltage 24v
Static friction torque ≥240N.m
Consumed Power ≤60W
Max speed 4000r.p.m
Application comp. HISPACOLD

HPC 2B 210 Electromagnetic Clutches for Hispacold 550cc / 660cc Compressor

HPC 2B 210 bus air conditioner electromagnetic clutch is mainly used on Hispacold 550 cc Compressor/Hispacold 660 cc Compressor, which is used on bus length is more than 8m. If your bus air conditioner's compressor is Hispacold 550 cc or Hispacold 660 cc, HPC 2B 210 model is your best choice.
We offer the other clutch options for your Hispacold compressor: HPC 2B 250 electromagnetic clutch.

Our clutches are made from high-quality materials, and we offer a variety of different warranties to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. We also have a team of experienced technicians who can provide support and advice if you need it.
Main Structure
HPC 2B 210 Electromagnetic Clutch clutch is made up of belt pulley assembly and coil. 
2B 210 clutch drawing
2B 210 clutch drawing
Operation Instructions
Before removing clutch, need to take down center bolt in the middle of ausforging.
Do remember to take off snap ring in the middle, otherewise will not take down belt pulley successfully.
Use professional withdrawal tool, lamar tool to pull the pulley, then disconnect the coil, complete air conditioning clutch's disassembly steps.
Maintenance & Repair
As professional clutch manufacture and sales company, Guchen products are reliable. We supply you 2-year quality assurance.
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